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How hot is your waiter? This is the question to ask at Lisa Vanderpump’s Pump Restaurant located in the heart of West Hollywood.Pump LA

The ambience at Pump is gorgeous, and it is also the selling point. Pump LA

This trendy and romantic restaurant will immediately transport you to a magical garden that feels very Provencal. Pump LA

The olive trees here are about a hundred years old with candlelit lanterns hanging from the branches and fresh pink flowers adorn this beautiful establishment.Pump LA

The bar area is decorated by a plethora of antique crystal chandeliers that are dimly lit. Pump LA

Pump is a a celebrity hotspot and a great place to meet people and mingle. Pump LA

Perfect for your next night out in LA.Pump LA

Pump-Tini (left): Vodka with fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime, muddled raspberry and garnished with a sugar rim. Strong, yet smooth. This drink was good, but it lacked the raspberry flavor. .
Big Pinky (right): Essentially Pump’s version of a mojito prepared with vodka, muddled lime, cranberry, and mint. Refreshing, delicious & minty! A favorite!PumpTini, Big Pinky, Cocktail, Pump LA

Artisan Bread with Salted Butter & Chives (left): The chives salted butter was good, however the chives flavor wasn’t prominent. The bread was a nice addition with alcohol.
Ahi Tuna Tartare (right): Raw ahi tuna tossed with heirloom tomatoes, sesame seed oil, red chili, soy, mango, avocado and pomegranate. Although I’m not a huge fan of raw fish, the tuna tartare was light, fresh, and the addition of pomegranate seeds added color and texture.Bread, Ahi Tuna Tartare, Pump LA

Truffle Mushroom Chicken: Chicken breast seared crispy and served on a bed of mashed potatoes with a mushroom truffle reduction sauce and topped with shaved crispy asparagus. The truffle reduction sauce was so good and made this dish. The mashed potatoes were perfect and I liked how this dish was not overly buttery. Excellent.Truffle Mushroom Chicken, Pump LA

Vanderpump Fish & Chips: Lightly battered sole, fried and served with thick cut country fries, tartar sauce and malt vinegar. Based on the rave reviews seen on Yelp, I decided to try the Fish and Chips, but to my dismay it lacked seasoning and was rather bland for my taste. Vanderpump Fish & Chips, Pump LA

Warm Shaved Brussels Sprouts: Roasted brussels sprouts prepared with raisins, pine nuts and green onions. Roasting the brussels sprouts really brought out their flavor. Very well-made. Warm Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Pump LA

Coffee & Dessert
Coffee: The coffee was good, a bit burnt, strong in flavor, but also perfectly hot which was nice.
Chocolate Molten Cake: Warm chocolate cake with gooey chocolate sauce inside topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The dessert was definitely good, but also slightly sweeter than the norm, beautiful presentation though.Coffee, Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, Pump LA
: $$$
CUISINE: Mediterranean/Lounge/New American
FAVORITES: Big Pinky | Truffle Mushroom Chicken | Warm Shaved Brussels Sprouts
VERDICT: 4 / 5
Pump is a celebrity sighting hot spot and a must-do in LA – if that is your scene. The atmosphere is beautiful, trendy and romantic making it an ideal place to meet people and mingle. I loved the ambiance at this restaurant, especially the hot pink accents seen throughout the stunning garden-like setting – so feminine and pretty. At Pump, you are paying for the ambiance more than the food. The food here is good, but nothing exceptional. On the contrary, the service here is outstanding. Our super hot waiter (Kevin) was attentive and helpful with the menu. My only regret was not going with Kevin’s suggestion and ordering the Pan-Seared Pacific Sole and Penne with Tiger Prawns. Well, next time. I look forward to visiting Lisa Vanderpump’s other establishments and visiting Pump again in the future.
Food: Good | Drinks: Very Good | Décor: Romantic/Gorgeous/Intimate | Service: Outstanding | Value: Fair

8948 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.

Have you been to Pump? What’s your favorite restaurant in LA? Where do I go next?

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  1. Sounds like a great place! Love the look of those drinks. In fact everything looks terrific — things for such an interesting review.

  2. Oh wow this looks like such a cool place, Nisha…I’m especially drooling over the tuna tartare! Even though ‘Fish & Chips’ is traditionally British, Pump looks like quite the contender.

    1. It’s a really nice place, very pretty. Yeah, the Fish and Chips was the biggest disappointment, but overall they had a few good items. Thanks!!!

  3. Looks like SO much fun Nisha!! If I ever visit I’ll definitely have to go there!

  4. that tree with lights look awesome!!!!! penne with tiger prawns is what i want right, only I was in LA.