Sweet & Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate (reduced-fat)

My dad’s a short, cute, funny guy… who loves Facebookmayan hot chocolate 289

When my siblings and I were initially teaching my almost 75 year old dad how to use Facebook, one of the first things we told him was DO NOT randomly take silly quizzes that Facebook suggests since EVERYTHING turns public. We reiterated this several times since my dad is notorious for following instructions to the tee and doing exactly what is asked of him. Well, after a couple mistakes, he finally got this.
mayan hot chocolate 262

What we failed to tell him was how to update his status. $*%#!
mayan hot chocolate 264

A couple years ago when you initially logged onto Facebook, the “Update Status box” asked you a question, back then it was “What are you doing?” Of course, my dad being completely oblivious answered this question each time he would log into Facebook. mayan hot chocolate 268

On one particular occasion he wrote, “is watching your photos. Thanks Manju.” Mind you, Manju is my first cousin! Nothing wrong with looking at your niece's photos, but you gotta admit, makes a weird status update, yet harmless. mayan hot chocolate 282

On other occasions he also used the “Update Status box” as a way to comment on other people’s photos, but not on the actual photo itself. For example, our family member, Kristen, had posted a picture of herself at Central Park with some great food, and rather than commenting on the actual photo, his “update status” read…
I immediately commented on his update status and said, “Kristen, he’s referring to your food at Central Park.” mayan hot chocolate 287

And on yet another occasion, he used his “Update Status box” to congratulate a couple on their wedding anniversary with no mention of their names. His update status read… “Heartiest congratulations. May the almighty bless you thousands such anniversaries. Be happy & enjoy.” Very sweet, indeed, but no one really knew who he was congratulating!mayan hot chocolate 292

Here are some of his random Facebook statuses over the years… 
“Thank you. Hope you are settled.”  no one knew what/whom he was referring to. 
”amazing discovery. keep it up.”  again, no one knew what/whom he was referring to. 
”I love to be your friend.”  when his granddaughter, Jasmin, became his Facebook friend. One down! Woohoo! mayan hot chocolate 304

It’s been a few years and my dad’s still learning how to use Facebook, and regardless of his cute/silly comments, he means well, and he just wants to be part of this social media revolution that interacts thru means of technology. mayan hot chocolate 314

And now to share with you is my Mayan Hot Chocolate that had me reminiscing about my recent trip to Mexico.  A hot chocolate beverage that is a combination of sweet and spicy; a drink that I surely need to make for my dad since he actually commented on my Facebook status for this Mayan Hot Chocolate photo… “would love to drink this.”  Slowly, but surely, he's learning!

Mayan Hot Chocolate —at Ah Cacao Chocolate CafĂ©, 5ta x Constituyentes, Playa del Carmen.Photo: Mayan Hot Chocolate

NUTRITION: Milk is a very good source of Calcium and Vitamin D. It is also a good source of Protein, Vitamins A and K.  Cinnamon may help lower blood sugar and is a good choice for those with diabetes.  Bittersweet Chocolate Chips add some Antioxidants to this beverage. 
This recipe isn’t the healthiest given the amount of chocolate in this recipe, however it isn’t too overindulgent given the benefits of dark chocolate.  Live a little!

INGREDIENTS (makes 1 large serving or 2 small):

1. Start with a small pot on medium heat.  Add milk, vanilla, and a cinnamon stick.  Whisk.mayan hot chocolate 442
2. Add the dark chocolate hot cocoa and bittersweet chocolate chips.

3. Whisk every now and then to make sure the milk doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot.
4. After about 5 minutes you’ll have bubbles form.
5. At this time, add a few pinches of cayenne pepper.
6. Turn off the stove and whisk until smooth.mayan hot chocolate 451
7. Serve immediately and use a cinnamon stick as garnish.mayan hot chocolate 307

TELL ME: Do you have elderly parents/grandparents that know how to use Facebook?  What advice have you given them?  Have you tried Mayan Hot Chocolate? 


  1. Haha your dad sounds adorable! He reminds me of my uncle who always comes up with the funniest statuses...and the thing is, I don't think he is trying to be humorous!

    I've never tried Mayan Hot Chocolate but I am suddenly craving a cup (without the cayenne pepper though)- love cinnamon and chocolate together! I highly recommend you try the Mayan variety of Green & Blacks...it's dark chocolate with cinnamon & cloves and totally up your alley!

  2. This looks marvellous my friend, Iove that kick of delicious chilli :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. You dad sounds like the cutest man ever! I love that. And in his defense, FB can be super confusing, especially for people who aren't used to that kind of interaction. :)

    And I am making this tonight- Vishnu will definitely love the spicy factor! Will report back! :)

  4. This looks really great! I love spicy hot chocolate, wonderful flavours and an instant warm up on a cold day.

  5. Spicy Hot Chocolate is just what I need to beat this cold London weather! The pictures look wonderful I had to read this post twice 1st for all the anecdotes on your father and then for the pictures! I am 33 and sometimes have to ask my nearly 4 year old to help me find the pictures files on my Samsung Tab! So no matter what age you are someone younger than you has all the answers! :)

  6. Haha... I was laughing out loud when I heard your dad's comment on Kristen's food! :) He's so funny! Love the look of this recipe... have to try when I have a few minutes to myself!!

  7. Was dying with laughter at this post. Your dad is so cute! Also, all these posts recently are making me want to book a trip to Mexico ASAP! Till then, will try the hot chocolate. Looks delish!

  8. Your dad is too cute!! And I want to dive into this hot chocolate deliciousness :D

  9. @Kiran - thanks.. he is cute. :)

  10. @Nandini - LOL.. I bet you would find this story funny. Mexico, Florida, Dominican? It's all the same. :-) Except the food.

  11. @Anu - yeah.. that was funny what he wrote, I agree. Let me know how the hot chocolate turns out if/when you make this.

  12. @diaryofIndianMum - Sejal, lol. Cant believe you read this twice so you didn't miss my dad's comments, that's so sweet. I agree, no matter how old/young one is, can't stop learning, ever, there is always something new out there. Yes, definitely need hot chocolate in London!

  13. @Natalie - this was delicious, I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

  14. @Parita - totally agree with you, Facebook can be very confusing for those who aren't use to that kind of interaction. Let me know if/when you make this how it turns out. :)

  15. @Khushboo - Yeah, I would say my dad is naturally funny, but he can also be offensive if my mom doesn't step in. :) What brand is the Mayan chocolate you are talking about? Yeah, would love to try it.. sounds exotic.

  16. Looks amazing! Can't wait To try. And yes, one of the best comments ever of my Facebook experience! <3

  17. @Honey Brand is Green & Blacks!

  18. @Kristen - haha.. I knew you would appreciate the post. :)

  19. Lol! Your dad is so cute :) lovely mayan hot chocolate, its too tempting!

  20. This is hysterical. My dad on FB would be a disaster! He can barely handle his smart phone. :)

  21. @Deepti - Thanks.. he is cute. Let me know if you make this.

  22. @Ameena - haha.. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. FB can be confusing for elderly folks. I'm impressed at least they are trying.

  23. Oh my gosh, this hot choclate looks amazing. The mayan hot choclate was my favorite beverage to have for breakfast in Mexico and it's nice to see that you made it here and I can have a piece of my Mexioc trip with me. I definitely have to try this amazing recipe. Such a brilliant idea to add choclate chips. JC

  24. @JC - Thanks.. I would love to make it for you the next time you come by, it takes like 5 minutes. Glad you approve. :-)

  25. Wow, this seems like one lux cup of chocolate, absolutely scrumptious!

  26. @Gourmantine - Thanks.. it was scrumptious!


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