Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate (reduced fat)

to my older sister, Mini 

As I sit back and reflect on my relationship with my sister, Mini, I realize the first half of my life she completely overshadowed me with her intelligence which was really no fault of her own.  She was my parents' vision, a diligent and hard-working child who went on to fulfill all their expectations.  Growing up with a sibling that I was constantly being compared to was anything but easy due to my parents' incessant lectures on how smart she was (is), and how her report card was always outstanding, and why I couldn't be more like her.  To be honest, it was just way too much work on my part to kick her ass, and so I accepted the fact very early on that my sister was brilliant, and I was A-OK with it.  :) 
One would think these lectures would have a deep impact on me, and maybe they did... for like 5 minutes, however the competition that people around us created never quite affected me.  Ever!  At some level I believe this had a lot to do with my nonchalant attitude about things in general, and ultimately my parents' lectures would just go way over my head.  Additionally, my sister is almost 7 years older than I am, and I saw her more as an annoying older sister, rather than someone who was competing with me since it was never in her nature to compete.  She was, and still is, naturally bright and someone who enjoyed learning, and I was just the opposite. 
So yes, growing up in my sister's shadow was not always fun for me, not until I was 18, a freshman in college, and she was 25, a resident physician.  It was around that time I matured a little and she was able to talk to me, she also started earning (finally) and I was in need of a Sugar Mama.  It was a win-win!  She took me shopping, took me to the movies, and our tea & dessert moments at Applebees soon became a ritual where we talked about everything.  I loved those days, mainly because I was so happy being spoiled by someone, that someone being my sister.  It was nice.  It was really nice that my sister was able to do that for me before some guy, and for that I will always be eternally grateful to her.    Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate
Fast forward the years, now that we “actually do” get along, Mini lives 3000 miles away.  Even though she no longer takes me shopping or takes me to the movies, but she still pays for my dessert, I am very fortunate our relationship has blossomed in the right direction and I seriously credit my "aloof" attitude for that.  Think about it, had I been overly sensitive and competitive, things may have been a lot different.  I bet my parents are happy now I didn't let their painfully boring lectures get to me.Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate

So Mini, on this 11.11, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.  I hope your life is filled with an inexplicable amount of love, surely a lot more than you have given me.  You have always been there for me when I needed you most, and now it is my turn to lift that weight off your shoulders.  It is my turn to take you shopping, take you to the movies, and treat you to Applebees Afternoon Tea dates.  Just keep being you and the wonderful person that you are... smart, funny, confident, nurturing, and strong-willed, and watch "magic" unfold.  For only another beautiful pair of eyes, just as beautiful as yours, can begin to behold your brilliance, and understand the beauty that is there.
“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be.” ~Shakti


NUTRITION: Milk is a very good source of Calcium and Vitamin D. It is also a good source of Protein, Vitamins A and K.  Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A and Fiber. Bittersweet Chocolate Chips add some Antioxidants to this beverage. 

This recipe isn’t the healthiest given the amount of chocolate in this recipe, however it isn’t too overindulgent either.  Live, Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS (makes 2 normal servings, or 1 very large):

* NOTE: you can use 3/4 tsp of Pumpkin Spice if you don’t have cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger powder.

1. Start with a small pot on medium heat.  Add milk, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger powder.   Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate_165

2. Add vanilla, hot cocoa powder, and chocolate chips.Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate_166
3. Use a whisk to mix.  Allow the hot chocolate to really heat up so bubbles can form.Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate_170
4. This is what you should have, a thin layer of skin may form, just whisk it in quick.  Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate_172
5. Turn off the stove.  Pour and serve.  Should be thick and smooth.  DELISH!Pumpkin_Hot_Chocolate_179

p.s. Please DO NOT add any sugar, Godiva Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa is already sweetened enough in addition to the chocolate chips. 

TELL ME: Have you ever tried Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate?  Thoughts?


  1. A very happy birthday to Mimi! Your relationship with her sounds wonderful and as a younger sister, I could not agree more! As much as I may argue with my sister, my bond with her can never be replicated!

    Besides roasted pumpkin, all these pumpkin dishes/drinks are all so novel to me...canned pumpkin isn't easily available in Mumbai so I can't say I've barely ever tried it in sweet form. Hopefully the Starbucks here keep to their word and introduce the pumpkin spice lattes soon :)!

  2. many many happy birthday to your sister. I do not have a sister but being a olde sister, I am blessed to have a great relationship with your younger brother.

    I have tried making my own pumpkin spiced hot chocolate minus the pumpkin puree but i think adding pumpkin will add a lot more to this drink.

  3. That looks and sounds fantastic!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sister...I wish my sister was as close but we unfortunately are not. :(

    "Sugar Mama." I love it. Too cute.

  5. So sweet! Happy Birthday to your sister! Here's to many more years of hot chocolates!

  6. What a wonderful birthday tribute to your sister! I got stuck with brothers. Your hot chocolate looks divine!

  7. @Khushboo - thanks.. you are right, certain bonds can't be replicated. I would imagine Pumpkin in a can would be available in one of those NRI stores in Mumbai. I'm sure people there are celebrating thanksgiving. :) I can't wait for you to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.

  8. @Dixya - It's nice that you can have that kind of relationship with your younger brother. Next time you make Pumpkin Hot Chocolate, definitely add the pumpkin, adds lots of depth. :)

  9. @Ameena - awww.. I'm sorry to hear that, but hey, you get along with your MIL. :) Yes, Sugar Mama. :) Thanks.

  10. @Christin - you are hilarious! Your comment made me laugh.. awww.. brothers can be cool too.

  11. Happy birthday to your sis my friend your hot chocolate looks incredible :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Happy Birthday to your sister! :-)

    You have a great blog and I follow you now! It would be great if you follow me too!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  13. Considering I can't think of any better pairing than pumpkin and chocolate - I think this pumpkin spice hot chocolate is pretty much genius! The perfect warm drink for the holidays :)

  14. This looks really comforting! Perfect for the cold days ahead :-) I need to whip some of this ASAP! Happy bday to your sister...

  15. Hi Nisha,
    What a lovely post! I have an older sister and am also very close to her. I can completely relate to this. It's so wonderful to have a sister.
    This looks so warm and comforting! Love it.

  16. What a sweet post about your sister! Happy birthday to her. And the fact that your tribute includes hot chocolate makes me even happier - and makes me miss both my sisters! :)

  17. I love the twist in regular hot chocolate. Love anything and everything pumpkin!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Mini :)

  18. perfect for cold day.

  19. Hoppy birthday to your sister!
    I think I need to make this. I LOVE pumpkin, one of my favorite parts of fall

  20. @Jen - yeah, it's pretty yummy and perfect for the holidays

  21. @eat4goodlife - thank you. it is very comforting and perfect for cold days.

  22. @Asmita, yes it is awesome having an older sister. Definitel.

  23. @Bianaca - haha, thank you. Hot chocolate makes me really happy too.

  24. @Kiran - thanks. i'm a big fan of chocolate and pumpkin too.

  25. @Kitchen Queen
    @Guru Uru

    Thanks guys!

  26. Dark chocolate & pumpkin are 2 of my favorite ingredients! I'm glad i'm not the only one who still wants to use pumpkin in recipes. I thought it was weird that when I first heard some places only supply canned pumpkin around the holidays where as in Texas we have it available all year around.

  27. @Rayna - I see Pumpkin available all year in the NYC/NJ region all year as well, but they don't have tons of it.


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