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Whenever I bite into an Almond Joy chocolate bar, I can’t help but think of my cousin, Ajay.  almond joy oatmeal 022
I’ve mentioned this story before, but when we were kids, he would take a coconut burfi (Indian fudge) and drizzle microwaved chocolate all over it, and that was his homemade version of “Almond Joy.”  At the time I thought he was a GENIUS!almond joy oatmeal 024
The other day as I took a bite into my Almond Joy chocolate at work, and after thinking about my cousin for about 5 seconds, an idea came over me.  The idea of turning all those “almond joy” flavors into oatmeal.almond joy oatmeal 069
I mean, how bad could it be?

Almonds – lowers cholesterol.
Chocolate – antioxidants.
Coconut – sure, it’s high in saturated fat, however there is some debate over whether these types of saturated fats pose as a health problem.  Having said that, coconut is an excellent source of fiber and a good source of protein.
almond joy oatmeal 002
I was so excited about my new discovery that I immediately headed to Whole Foods after work to pick up some Coconut Milk before I finally head home.almond joy oatmeal 016
And then magic happened…almond joy oatmeal 013
just like that…almond joy oatmeal 018
and that…almond joy oatmeal 022
Undoubtedly delicious!  Try it.  Now.almond joy oatmeal 058

NUTRITION: Oats help reduce cholesterol and are a good source of protein and fiber.  Almonds and Almond Butter help lower cholesterol and are an excellent source of Vitamin E.  Coconut is high in fat and saturated fat and should be eaten in moderation, however it does contain a decent amount of protein and fiber.  Coconut Milk is vegan and the brand (So Delicious) I used contains no cholesterol and is a good source of Vitamins D & B12.  Bittersweet Chocolate Chips also contain a good amount of fat, however they contain antioxidants.

* everything in this recipe is vegan, except the chocolate chips, by all means use “vegan” chips to make this recipe officially, vegan.

1. Start by heating a small pot on low-medium heat.  Add oats, water, and coconut milk.  The Coconut Milk brand I used – So Delicious –  is rich and creamy with no cholesterol and only 80 calories per cup.  almond joy oatmeal 092
2. Add vanilla extract.  Stir.almond joy oatmeal 093
3. In the meantime slice a few almonds.  almond joy oatmeal 095
4. Once the oatmeal heats through, turn off the stove.almond joy oatmeal 096
5. Add to a serving bowl. almond joy oatmeal 097
6. Top with almonds.almond joy oatmeal 099
7. And coconut.almond joy oatmeal 014
8. And chocolate chips.almond joy oatmeal 019
9. And finish it off with a small scoop of almond butter.almond joy oatmeal 034
10. Stir and allow magic to happen!almond joy oatmeal 058

TELL ME: What’s your favorite kind of oatmeal?  I seriously hope you give this one a try and leave your feedback. 


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  1. @Connie – Hmmm.. I wouldn't. Coconut milk adds creaminess without a very bold coconut flavor, I believe coconut oil will add a lot of fat & saturated fat with a strong coconut flavor. Is there any reason why you can't use Coconut Milk? You can use any milk you have on hand really.

  2. @Monique, I hear ya… Love banana oatmeal and toasted almonds, even walnuts, pecans, I love all those nuts.

  3. Hold. The. Phone. That looks so good. Wow- great recipe. I will DEFINITELY give this a try this weekend! Thanks!

  4. NOM NOM. I love this. My favorite oatmeal is usually bananas with cinnamon and toasted almonds, but there is something magical about peaches too!