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If you’re trekking all the way to Greece, consider visiting an island aside from the overhyped & beautiful islands of Mykonos and Santorini.  Enter Paros!  Paros is located south of Mykonos and can be reached via a highspeed ferry in just 45 minutes.  Paros, to me, is a much more calmer, quieter version of Mykonos.  It has similar characteristics to that of Mykonos… the same whitewashed homes and their blue shutters, those narrow alleys and the pink Bougainvillea, however Paros isn’t as wild and crazy as Mykonos, nor does it have the same shopping appeal as Mykonos.  Furthermore, it is a more affordable version of Mykonos (+less to do) where you can expect to pay much less for food and hotels. 

In Paros, there are 2 main towns to visit – Naoussa and Parikia.  Naoussa is essentially a fishing village, a quaint little picturesque town, whereas Parikia is the main town that has more to do and where all the action is.  If I must be completely honest, I visited both towns and although they are pretty, Paros was a bit boring for me, but I’m also the type of person who is into eating, drinking, shopping, and crowds, hence I wasn’t quite as smitten.  Additionally, I went in early September so perhaps it wasn’t as touristy as it would be in July & August.  Having said that, I’m so thankful I visited Paros else I’d always wonder what the other non-hyped up Greek Islands would be like.  If you’d like to visit an island that is slightly off the beaten path, one that is serene and laid-back, then Paros is an island not to be missed.  Another option to consider is Naxos, a bigger version of Paros.

Here to share with you is my 2 night/2 day Paros Island Getaway.  Enjoy!
From Mykonos heading to Paros on the Hellenic Seaway Highspeed 5 Ferry.  As I’ve mentioned I’m scared of rough seas, but I barely felt anything sailing on the Mediterranean waters since the ferry was so big.


Look how nice the interior of the boat is, looks like airplane seating, even better.

First stop, Naoussa!

Naoussa is a small fishing village. 

Love all the whitewashed homes. 

Colors of Greece… white, blue, and pink accents.   paros 108

The streets of Naoussa have elements of Mykonos Town.

A maze, all the streets started to look the same.

And remember those pink Bougainvillea.

And then we spotted a beach walking around the narrow alleys of Naoussa… the water was pretty cold.

Stopped for freshly roasted corn.

Kolimbithres Beach, the most famous beach on the island.  The beaches were rather small and lacked beach waves.  Many folks seem to like these kind of unspoiled beaches, but I suppose I was expecting a Caribbean-like beach.

Look how mountainous and dry the region is, it’s hard to believe there is water so close by.  paros 177

The town of Naoussa from a distance.

The water was crystal clear… the only other place where I’ve seen water like this is Turks and Caicos.  Gorgeous!

Visiting the other popular town of Parikia by day.

Parikia by night.

The same whitewashed alleys in Parikia too.

Definitely more livelier than Naoussa.  It’s really hard to tell these places apart. 
paros 241

Most popular activities to do when in Paros:      
     – visit Naoussa
     – visit Parikia
     – visit Lefkes Village
     – spend the day at a beach
     – rent a car and drive around town
     – check with your hotel for other available tours

TELL ME: Have you been to Paros?  If so, where did you go?  What did you do?  Share with us?

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  1. This post only reinforces my need to visit Greece! I was just telling Ali about it yesterday…hope to get there soon.

    Gorgeous pics Nisha!

    1. Haha.. yeah.. it's really nice, I hate that there is only a 4 month period where you really visit, not like London/Paris where you can always visit during winter months as well.

  2. that water is sooo beautiful!! I think I'd enjoy Paros for a couple of days and see some real authentic greece-not just the touristy places

    1. Thanks Archana, the water is so crystal clear in Paros. It's a nice change from Mykonos and Santorini, the pace is much slower. 🙂

  3. Wow..just wow! Up until this post, I'd never heard of Paros! Aside form the gorgeous views and color of the water, it sounds like the getaway after a few hectic day in Mykonos – I hear the nightlife in the latter is crazy :)!

    1. Yeah.. hadn't heard of it until I spoke to my co-worker who went to Greece. Definitely the pace is much slower than Mykonos, it's nice. Supposedly Paros is a party island too, but I guess it's more so in July and August, there wasn't much going on in Sept.