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My husband seems to think that I only cook for my blog and perceives me as a food critic rather than a cook.  Seriously?pesto hummus tomato tartine 087

As someone who loves to dine out, perhaps that is true, but really, who likes to (or even has time to) cook every single day and then clean up and blog and work fulltime?  Well, I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t cook every single day.  pesto hummus tomato tartine 096

Being that I am a food blogger, I do have an agenda to make dishes I normally wouldn’t even prepare if I didn’t have a blog.pesto hummus tomato tartine 101

I certainly wouldn’t say I only cook for my blog, in addition to my blog dishes, I do make a few dishes that don’t even  make it to the blog just to keep the hubby happy.pesto hummus tomato tartine 114

But my husband seems to think otherwise.  Just the other day I overheard him talking to his friend about my blog…
his friend: Man, you are so lucky, you get to eat all those dishes Nisha makes.
hubby: Yeah, but she’s a moody cook, she only cooks when she feels like it.  She likes to review food more than cook it.
his friend: Man, I still don’t feel sorry for you.  If you get to eat every single dish she has ever made for her blog, you are one lucky guy.
hubby: Yeah, I guess.  <chuckles, but doesn’t really think so>

My reaction to their conversation… <pardon me while I roll my eyes> Eye rolling smile My husband has such a tough life!  pesto hummus tomato tartine 104

So now when he says I’m not a cook, I just comply, for I am a Food Critic, probably sounds better too.  And you know what, it’s better this way so he expects less of me.pesto hummus tomato tartine 108

Well, here’s a dish my husband loves and one I’ve made oh about a dozen times and its just making it to the blog, imagine that.  A tartine where I combined Italian and Greek flavors… homemade fresh basil pesto, creamy hummus, sautéed tomatoes in olive oil with a touch of oregano.  pesto hummus tomato tartine 112

Make this.  ASAP!  You won’t be sorry!  I’m a Food Critic, remember?   pesto hummus tomato tartine 120

INGREDIENTS (for 2 to 3 servings or a great appetizer):

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garlic Infused – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – to taste
  • Black Pepper – to taste
5 ingredients:
  • Tomatoes – 2  (slightly thinly sliced)
  • Oregano – 1/3 tsp
  • 100% Whole Wheat Bread – 4 slices  (toasted until crispy)
  • Pesto – enough to spread on toast  (use this vegan recipe & freeze for later)
  • Trader Joe’s Tuscan White Bean Hummus – enough to spread on toast

1. Here are your main ingredients.
2. Start by slicing tomatoes, not too thin, but not thick either, just the right size.pesto hummus tomato tartine 010
3. Heat a pan on medium to high heat (dial #7), once hot, add extra virgin olive oil (garlic infused preferable).
4. Place the sliced tomatoes and they will begin to sizzle.  Allow the tomatoes to cook up for about 5-6 minutes.
5. In the meantime, place 4 slices of toast in the toaster.  Toast until crispy.
6. Once the tomatoes are done, season with salt and black pepper to taste. 
7. Flip.  Notice the tomatoes blackened, this adds a TON of flavor. 
8. Now season the blackened side with salt & black pepper to taste, plus a little bit of dried oregano.  Don’t go overboard with the oregano since it is potent.  Allow the tomatoes to cook for about 5 minutes on this side as well.

9. Once done, turn off the stove.  This is what you should have.
10. Check on the toast.  pesto hummus tomato tartine 023
11. Slice into triangles if you are serving the tartines as appetizers, or leave the toast as is.pesto hummus tomato tartine 024
12. Begin by spreading pesto on the toast.  I make my own pesto (this recipe) and freeze it, you can always buy pesto.
13. Followed by creamy hummus on top, love Trader Joe’s Tuscan White Bean Hummus or use your favorite brand, or homemade works too.
14. Top with sautéed tomatoes.  Drizzle some Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top if serving as an appetizer and if fat is not an issue.  Serve immediately. pesto hummus tomato tartine 099

TELL ME: Are you a Food Blogger?  Does your significant other believe you only cook for your blog?  If so, how do you defend yourself?  For the rest of you… regardless of whether you have kids or not, do you cook daily? 

Hi, I'm Nisha!

I'm a foodie who is passionate about healthy-ish living and mindful eating. You'll find a bit of everything here. I use mostly organic real ingredients and incorporate seasonal produce in my cooking. I believe food is medicine. Join me on this soul-searching journey as I share my love for good food, and I hope I inspire you to eat better somewhere along the way.

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  1. Absolutely love tartines!! So fresh and a very snack any time of the day!! Don't worry about your Husband. Sometimes they have too many opinions on everything, even when it's not their forte 😉

  2. Whenever I read about you and your husband's conversations or debates, it makes me chuckle! 😉 And don't feel bad, you're not the only one that doesn't cook every single day. That's exhausting! Especially for a food blogger who has to shop, cook, clean-up, photograph, write and publish! Who has the time to cook every single day? And there's nothing wrong with being a food critic. I critique the food whenever I'm eating out! Everyone has their standards. 😉 Oh and by the way, this tartine looks amazing Nisha. Pinning!!! 🙂 Have a great week.

    1. Haha.. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.. so much work to do as a food blogger.. shop, cook, clean, photograph, write, publish! Yup! My standards are pretty high with food, I can't help it. Thanks Anne… God help me if I "ever" have kids!

  3. Omg I love this! I'm making something similar today but adding prosciutto on top and cream cheese instead of hummus. My boyfriend will come home and see me cooking and say, "Oh is it recipe day for the blog?" I just shut him down and tell him I cooked because I was hungry. Honestly I wish he would start a blog so I can challenge all the food he makes!

    1. Thanks Tara.. I shared your comment with my husband and he was laughing… so GLAD I'm not the only person out there who cooks for my blog + the guy! Just like you, I play the "i am hungry card" and I just thought of this recipe… but I was planning it in my head the entire time.
      I hope he starts a blog, he already picked out a domain – 🙁

  4. This is so funny…love how you are on a totally different page, as is the case with me and Ali – all the time! Yes, your husband has it SO rough. 🙂

    I am partial to tartines because why not enjoy double the bread instead of folding it into a sandwich, right? Looks delicious.

    1. Yeah, him and I are on different pages most of the time, I'm always right though. 🙂 Exactly.. love tartines too, and sometimes single bread will suffice when you wanna cut back. 🙂

  5. Ha ha ha… Think we both are same…. I cook for my blog nd other days my maid cooks for the family… Even we fight coz of this…. I don't want to cook the same dishe again again and always end with different n new dishes… but I love being what I am…. Btw the hummus with tomatoes looks incredible…. Z

    1. Lol.. love it that you have a maid, once in a while I will hire someone to make a few rotis and Indian food cause I can't cook for my blog and whip out Indian food whenever I want. I hardly ever make the same dish over and over, unless it's super easy and I get on food on the table quick. Thanks Akila, hope you try it.

  6. The significant others of food bloggers are so funny! Sometimes I think the.boy doesn't realize just how good he has it to always have dinner ready and waiting when he gets home. I mean, really?!

    1. Girl, I have no idea how you even cook every night being a medical student and all. Some guys don't realize how good they have it.

  7. Whether or not you cook for the blog, your hubby is one lucky guy- all your food always looks so yummy and lucky for him, he gets the best job: quality control ;)! I give credit to moms who work full-time and then come home to cook a full-on meal for the family…if I can do that even 3 times a week when my time comes, I'll be happy!

    1. Awww… thanks K! I try. I have no idea how working moms do it with a fulltime job.. by then I'd hope I can chill out at home.. but having a kid somehow seems like more work to me than leaving the house and earning. So lucky you're young!!!

  8. Well, whatever be the reason but the end result must be fruitful. Whether you cook for blog or for human, the end result goes in the stomach of your husband and I think, he must be really enjoying it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ash.. exactly, either way he enjoys what I make, so why the discussion in the first place, right?