Brunch @ Jane | New York City (greenwich village)

As one of the most famous brunch spots in New York City, I finally made it to Sunday brunch at Jane with my friends Jhiane and Ally.PicMonkey Collage

If you are considering dining at Jane, I highly recommend making reservations at least one week in advance (if not more) else you’ll be waiting F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  Inspite of having a reservation, my party still waited about 15 minutes.

Although Jane appears rather plain from the outside, it is a modern, trendy, and inviting restaurant on the inside.

Despite the tables being so close to one another, I really liked the warmth and décor of this restaurant.

100 West Houston Street
New York, NY 10012
(greenwich village)

MENU: Jane menu
COST: $$
CUISINE: Brunch, New American
RECOMMENDED TO: Couples, Casual Dining, Small Groups.
AMBIENCE: Casual/Trendy/Modern

Brunch menu includes a complimentary cocktail after 12 pm! 

Brunch kicked off with a complimentary starterPlain White Bread and Cranberry Walnut Bread served with Strawberry Butter.  YES!  Although the strawberry butter was delicious, the strawberry flavor could have most certainly been enhanced. 

We each started with a cocktail…
I went for the Passion Screwdriver (left) – this was the best drink out of the bunch, but also had a high vodka content, and thus after a few sips I passed.
Jhiane went for the White Peach Bellini (center) – we both didn’t particularly care for this drink, it wasn’t sweet enough.
Ally went for the Blood Orange Mimosa (right) – again, not the greatest drink, slightly bitter.PicMonkey Collage

Since I’m not a fan of brunch cocktails, I know big surprise, I ordered a cup of coffee instead.  The coffee was perfectly hot and served alongside steamed milk even though I requested cream.  Regardless, the coffee was a bit too strong for my liking, hence why I needed cream

As an appetizer, we ordered a side of Buttermilk Biscuits & Jam.  The biscuits were dry and served cold, let alone they lacked that buttery richness I was searching for.  However, the jam complimented the biscuits well, and I’m thinking some clotted cream would have sealed the deal.

As per my meal, I ordered Jane’s signature dish, Vanilla Bean French Toast made with brioche bread in a crème brûlèe batter and served with Vermont maple syrup.  It really was as good as it sounds.  

All I can say is this was the BEST FRENCH TOAST I have ever had in my 30+ years of existence.  WOW!  Every bite of the French Toast was moist, luscious, and creamy.  Very indulgent, yes indeed.

Jhiane ordered the Benedict Jane, another very popular dish.  The Benedict Jane are poached eggs that sit atop crab & crawfish cakes and spinach.  The entire dish is then topped with a tarragon hollandaise sauce.  This dish was screaming with flavors.  Incorporating the crab & crawfish cakes was a nice twist on the regular ol’ English muffin.  Additionally, Jhiane’s dish came with a side of Home Fries which were outstanding, easily the BEST HOME FRIES I have ever tasted. The onions were most definitely sautéed in butter along with potatoes and then finished off with parsley on top. Unmistakably, deliciously appetizing!!!

Ally ordered the Benedict Johnny, another favorite amongst the customers.  Similar to the Benedict Jane, the Benedict Johnny consisted of poached eggs, maple chicken sausage, corn pancakes, and then topped off with a roasted tomato hollandaise sauce.  Since I’m not a big sausage person, I didn't try this dish, however Ally mentioned her dish was amazing.  Furthermore, she swapped her home fries for a generous portion of Rosemary Fries. I can attest to the fact that each bite was savored by the 3 of us.  Heavenly!

VERDICT: 4 / 5 
Jane is undoubtedly one of the best brunch places I have been to in a while.  In terms of food, everything was spot on with the exception of the cold buttermilk biscuits.  Granted the drinks (cocktails + coffee) were underwhelming, the value here is very reasonable given that you will leave Jane feeling completely satiated.  And not to mention the wonderful décor and friendly service to go with it. 

Since this question is on everyone’s mind… is the French Toast really that good as everyone says?  YES!  Between all 3 dishes ordered, the signature Vanilla Bean French Toast was my personal favorite followed by the Benedict Jane.  For next time however, I have my eyes set on the Roasted Shrimp Ranchero.  Definitely not to be missed the next time you find yourself strolling in Greenwich Village, just make those reservations way ahead of time, else be prepared for a painfully long wait.

Food: Excellent  (best vanilla bean french toast; average buttermilk biscuits)
Drinks: Average  (coffee too strong; cocktails too bitter/strong) 
Decor: Good  (warm/trendy/modern) 
Service: Excellent  (friendly) 
Value: Excellent  (complimentary cocktail w/brunch)

TELL ME: Do you enjoy cocktails or a hot cup of Joe with brunch?  Are you a sweet or savory brunch person?  What’s your favorite brunch item to order?


  1. Oh LAWD- your dish looks incred! Although I haven't been to NYC in over 10 years, I have actually heard about Jane! My bff visits NY a lot and always raves specifically about their vanilla bean French toast. After seeing a pic of it in all its glory, I'm definitely adding it to my bucket list of restaurants- YUM!

    I tend to go savory with brunch, usually poached eggs & smoked salmon in some form...I can never get my poached eggs as pretty as restaurants so I just save it for meals out!

  2. This was such a fun Sunday outing. Jane restaurant needs to be more spacious. It feels like people are on top of you and breathing over your food. I like the lighting and the decor of the restaurant. The food highlights were the french toast and the home fries. The french toast was delectable . I was displeased with the Johnny Egg Benedict. This was my first time having Egg Benedict, realize from this I'm not a Egg Benedict gal. JC

  3. Hi Nisha,
    I just got back from my trip to New York City. It was amazing as usual. I will have to try this place out the next time In am in town. Looks incredible!

  4. A nice mimosa is always a good thing IMO! But coffee does go well with french toast/pancakes. I'd have to say that one is a toss up. And I think I'm 50/50 on the sweet vs. savory thing. Just depends on my mood and what the restaurant is known for - in this case, I definitely would've ordered the french toast. YUM!

  5. @Parita - Yes, love coffee/tea with a nice brunch, can't do the cocktails, I get tipsy way too fast. I'm with you on the sweet/savory, I think it all depends on what's their number 1 seller, but I prefer savory.

  6. @Asmita - You did? That's great. Can't wait to read all about it on your blog. It is an incredible city. Love it.

  7. @JC - Sorry you didn't enjoy the Benedict Jane (not Johnny), I think you are a more sweet person for brunch, so next time stick to pancakes/french toast. Thanks for the date, I love hanging out with my bestie! :-)

  8. @Khushboo - I'm amazed you have heard about Jane and you haven't visited in 10 years.. I actually just found out about it a couple months ago. I would love to make something similar to their Vanilla Bean French Toast, I know it'll be fattening, but whatever. It's sooooooo moist. I'm more of a savory brunch person too. :)

  9. Looks's my problem though: I am terrible about planning ahead when it comes to reservations. And I don't like to wait for a table!

    Not sure Jane will ever happen for me. :)

  10. We need to go for brunch whenever i am in town. That french toast had me droooooooling!!

    Ps: Cup of Joe for me :)

  11. I've been there! I love the cranberry and walnut bread. I usually get eggs during brunch but sometimes I can't resist a sweet dessert-like dish!

  12. @Bianca - Yeah, I didn't love the cranberry walnut bread, but I really enjoyed the plain bread w/strawberry butter. I prefer savory too, but it's hard to resist the BEST French toast. :)

  13. @Sure, when you come to NYC, let me know. :)

  14. @Ameena - ohhh.. I thought you make reservations before you come here. Waiting is annoying when you make reservations, but 15 mins wasn't too bad and I guess in the end it was worth it.

  15. All of the breakfasts look really amazing and I love the vase with cherry blossom branches in it.

  16. @Pam - thanks, I didn't even notice they were cherry blossom branches. Ha.. good eye! :)

    @Lail - thanks!

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