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Mayan Hot Chocolate was on my mind the entire time I was in Playa del Carmen… think sweet and spicy liquid hot chocolate, oh yeah!  After strolling up and down Avenida 5 multiple times, I took note that cafes are not that popular in Playa del Carmen, especially on Avenida 5.  After doing some research, I noticed many of the local coffee shops were on Avenida 10 or beyond.  My biggest regret is not having tried a single Mexican dessert, such as flan, tres leches.  Since there were such few bakeries, I should have just ordered dessert after a meal at one of the Mex restaurants.  Honestly, it just never even occurred to me until I returned home.  I think this calls for another Mexican getaway!
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1. Ah Cacao Chocolate Café (bakery)
Chocolate heaven in Playa, the Chocolate Brownie is simply out of this world, so good that I bought some to take home.PicMonkey Collage

Of course, I started with a small Mayan Hot Chocolate.  This was delicious and spiced with cayenne pepper which hit my throat after each sip.  Although delicious, the hot chocolate was not hot enough, but rather lukewarm.  A small was more than enough for me.

My husband went for the regular Hot Chocolate which was also lukewarm and very milky.  It could have incorporated more bold flavors of chocolate.

Now the Chocolate Brownie was something else, it was ooey gooey, and just out of this world.  One of the best brownies I have ever had.  I wanted to buy a bunch of brownies to take home for my family to try, but unfortunately these bad boys don’t last more than 3 days and I wasn’t sure if they would hold for another 4 days.   

LOCATION: 5th Avenue & Constituyentes, Playa del Carmen  (another location in PdC)
CUISINE: Bakery.
VERDICT: 4 / 5 
Overall I enjoyed Ah Cacao, however the drinks need to be hotter.  The Mayan Hot Chocolate is yummy, and the brownie and ambience are reason alone to stop by this adorable bakery. 

2. Chez Celine (French bakery)
A romantic French bakery with gardenlike outdoor seating on Avenida 5.    PicMonkey Collage

I started with a cup of Cappuccino which was heavenly, mildly flavored, and not bitter.  It reminded me of Europe, just a delight to be sipping this stuff.

I also enjoyed a warm buttery Croissant which was delicious, while my husband enjoyed a Pan de Chocolate con Almendras (Chocolate bread w/almonds) - excellent. 

We ended with a Vanilla Éclair, simple and yummy, just how you would imagine it to be.  

LOCATION: 5th avenue and 34 street, Playa del Carmen
CUISINE: French Bakery.
VERDICT: 4.5 / 5 
A romantic French bakery that will immediately capture you with its gardenlike setting.  Chez Celine is also famous for their breakfast, definitely consider dining here for breakfast.  Everything here was delicious and all items mentioned above + bottled water came in at a bargain price of $10 USD!  Unbelievable!  I’m just thinking the same order in New York City would have been double, it’s crazy how far your money takes you outside.  Loved it!

3. Haagen Daaz (Ice Cream)
Yes, the famous Haagen Daaz, there weren’t too many other choices with hot fudge sundae ice cream.

Between my husband and I we split a 3 scoop Hot Fudge Sundae which consisted of Cookies and Cream and Banaoffee ice creams.  It was my first time trying Banaoffee and it was scrumptious, a British dessert that I still need to make at home. 

LOCATION: 5th avenue and 34 street, Playa del Carmen
CUISINE: Ice Cream 
VERDICT: 3 / 5 
Although this is Haagen Daaz, I found a few flaws starting with they ran out of hot fudge in the middle of pumping some on the sundae, coincidence?  The hot fudge was NOT hot whatsoever, and they had very limited flavors.  Regarding cost, Haagen Daaz is highly overpriced in Mexico, a sundae will cost you 120 pesos or $12 USD.  Either I haven’t been to Haagen Daaz for a while here in the United States or that is a LOT of dough for ice cream.  I mean, a Ghirardelli sundae in San Francisco was cheaper and way, way better.  I would skip Haagen Daaz all together and opt for an Italian gelato place in Playa del Carmen, there are a couple of them on 5th Avenue. 

Other Bakery Recommendations: 
Café Corazon – espresso bar, pastries, eggs, bagels, etc.
Café Press – homemade bread, eggs, & cheap!  (5th & Calle 2nd)
La Casa del Chocolate – chocolate desserts. 
La Crepacabana – crepes.

TELL ME: Have you been to Playa del Carmen, if so, what are some of your favorite bakeries?
What's your favorite Mexican dessert?


  1. Soo confession: everyone raves about the chocolate/chilli combo but I just could not get into it...I rather eat my sweet and chillies separately! I didn't realise that flan was Mexican- I always assumed it was French! I had it once on the Eurostar back from Paris to London and it was easily one of the more memorable desserts that I've eaten....which says a lot haha!

  2. I've had Mayan hot chocolate before...but not in Mexico, I think it was in Philadelphia. It was pretty good, but then again, I love anything that tastes remotely close to chocolate! I love how you and your husband share dishes. Every time I ask V if he wants to split a dish, he just gives me a "look." If his dish is veggie, I manage to grab a few bites regardless! :)

  3. @Parita - I really enjoyed Mayan Hot Chocolate, but I prefer the regular Hot Chocolate, the kind from London. Oh Parita, he HATES sharing, we usually don't share, but whatever he gets, I'll dig in and grab a couple bites, but he won't eat my food. Desserts are probably the only thing we share because they aren't the healthiest. :-)

  4. @Amelia - thanks, it was really good. :)

  5. @Khushboo - you know, I thought flan was of Spanish origin, I see it at all the Cuban and Mexican restaurants in NYC, but it may also be French. Who knows? Wow, you had the best flan on Eurostar? See, this is what I love about Europe, even the trains serve amazing food!!! :)

  6. I've literally never tried Mayan hot chocolate... but it sounds absolutely amazing. Hopefully one day I'll get to go somewhere where I can actually try the real deal!

  7. @Courtney - thanks girl!

    @Sarah - long time! You live in an amazing city, surely there must be Mayan Hot Chocolate somewhere in London? :)

  8. Hot chocolate with cayenne pepper? Sounds interesting!

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