Friday's Favorites : Beauty

Growing up for as long as I can remember, my mom barely used any makeup, just her Olay moisturizer and a red lipstick that she would blot off almost completely.  Sometimes I didn’t even see the point of her putting lipstick on, but it probably just made her feel good applying some makeup.  Well, I can tell you that my mama has aged gracefully, she had fewer wrinkles at 50 and 60 than most people her age did.

When it comes to skincare and makeup, we all have our theories on what you should do and should not do.  Despite me using good quality products most of the time, my beliefs are as follows:
a. the makeup on my skin will clog up my pores.
b. the chemicals on my skin do more harm than good, and may perhaps be speeding up the aging process. 

It’s probable my theories are just myths, but for these reasons alone, I refuse to use makeup every day with the exception of my moisturizer and chapstick.  I, like many of you women out there, have many looks which translates to…
1. the au naturale look staying home => hence no makeup!
2. the casual look going to work, visiting a friend => bare minimum.
3. the I feel pretty look going out to dinner, vacationing => a little makeup.
4. the HOT look going clubbing/attending a wedding => I may end up wearing everything I own!

My philosophy on makeup is simple, I believe less is more and I believe the key is to enhance one or two of your best features and go with it.  This post was inspired by my blogger friends, Parita and Khushboo since they too did a post on their beauty favorites, thanks guys!  And to share with you are my Favorite Beauty Products starting with the MOST USED TO THE LEAST USED…

1. Neutrogena Acne Wash Redness Soothing Gentle Scrub
In my 20s I suffered from mild to moderate acne, and just as a precaution I still use an Acne Scrub to make sure I don’t breakout.  My all time favorite cleanser is this Neutrogena scrub with aloe which helps reduce redness, prevents future breakouts, and exfoliates my skin leaving it soft and smooth.  I have been using this cleanser for the past 4 years and I love it.  The key ingredient is Salicylic Acid.  ~ $8 @ Ulta

2. Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion w/SPF 15
One moisturizer that remains at the top of my list is this Protective Face Lotion by Bobbi Brown.  As soon as I put it on my skin, this stuff absorbs into my skin, it doesn’t just sit there on top as I’ve noticed with other drugstore brands.  Additionally, this Bobbi Brown lotion contains antioxidant Vitamin E which helps fight skin-damage.  This lotion works best on my skin during the spring, summer, and fall seasons and leaves my skin supple and glowy.  Love it!  ~ $48 @ Bobbi Brown 

3. MAC Eye Kohl Liner (Smolder Intense Black)
Eyeliner is one makeup product I cannot live without.  The first thing people notice about you are your eyes, enhance them!  On days when I need extra sleep, such as on days I go to work, eyeliner really helps me look fresh and awake.  Personally, I wish I was able to use liquid eyeliner, but unfortunately I can’t stay still and end up creating a bigger mess around my eyes.  This MAC liner glides on smoothly and is a soft-on pencil.  ~ $16 @ MAC (smolder intense black)

4. ChapStick Classic Cherry Skin Protectant w/Sunscreen
My Cherry ChapStick is my favorite non-makeup item for my lips that alleviates chapped lips and protects them against the sun.  I also believe there is a hint of color in the cherry flavor because my lips appear a teeny bit pinker after I wear my Cherry ChapStick.  ~ $4.50 (set of 3) @ Walgreens

5. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (Nutmeg)
Speaking of lips, on days when I want a hint of shimmer, I love the nutmeg shade from Burt’s Bees.  This stuff tastes like peppermint and contains antioxidant-rich fruit oils and Vitamin E.  My lips feel moist and less chapped.  It’s a great way to add a little color without bothering with the fancy glosses and lipsticks, this lip shimmer by Burt’s Bees is actually good for you and 100% all natural.  ~ $2.50 @ Amazon (nutmeg)

6. NARS Bronzing Powder (Laguna)
Ever since I found out Lauren Conrad uses this bronzer amongst other celebrities, I just had to try it on and see what the hype was all about.  This NARS bronzer in laguna gives my natural complexion skin tone a sun-kissed glow.  This is my go-to makeup for a night out with my husband and/or friends.  Love LoVe LOVE this stuff which is my most favorite makeup product after the eyeliner mentioned above!  ~ $36 @ Sephora (laguna)

7. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara (Very Black)
When it comes to mascara, I don’t believe in spending much because the chemicals can’t clog your pores, obviously.  Every year when those beauty awards come out in all the magazines, the Maybelline Great Last Mascara and the Dior Mascara are always the most recommended, but I figured I’d start small and purchase the former.  Prior to applying mascara, I use an eyelash curler to lift and curl my lashes, and then I apply this mascara which most definitely elongates my lashes.  Also known as America’s Favorite Mascara, the Maybelline Great Last comes in at a very reasonable price.  ~ $5.50 @ Ulta (very black)

8. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
I am someone who sleeps a LOT on the weekends and I’m proud of it, and thus it’s rare for me to have bags under my eyes.  And the other half is genetics, I am lucky to have parents who didn’t have bags under their eyes in their younger years, now that they are older it is a different story, obviously.  Having said that, there are times when I need a little cover me up under my eyes when I’m functioning on just 6 hours of sleep, and I swear by this MAC concealer.  It is fantastic and covers up those dark circles efficiently.  Just FYI, when it comes to eye concealers, you want to make sure the color is one or two shades “lighter” than your complexion, and NOT the same color.  ~ $18 @ Nordstrom   
9. Victoria’s Secret Color Drama Lipstick (Dusk Incognito)
On my reception, I was going for a soft glowy natural look, and my makeup lady who did an amazing job on my makeup applied Victoria’s Secret’s Dusk lipstick on me.  Since I’m more of a lip shimmer type of gal, it’s very rare for me to wear lipsticks unless they are a light color with a matte finish.  Unfortunately though, Victoria's Secret has discontinued the color in Dusk, and so the next best option by VS is Incognito.  Love the name.  ~ $14 @ Victoria’s Secret (dusk incognito)

10. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15
The very LAST piece of makeup I ever use is foundation, and I only use it on really special occasions and if my skin needs a little boost.  In the past when I’ve used foundations, certain brands almost made my skin appear cakey, flaky, and dried up to the point where my skin ended up looking even worse.  For this reason alone, I don’t like using foundation.  However, the skin foundation by Bobbi Brown is a breakthrough product that is so lightweight and almost makes your skin appear natural and flawless without anyone even suspecting you have foundation on.  And the best part is, it contains SPF.  At the end of the day, I use this stuff sparingly since it goes all over my face and I am paranoid about clogging up my pores and adding unnecessary chemicals on my face.  Again, less is more!  ~ $47 @ Nordstrom

11. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
The last time I used the Estee Lauder serum was over 5 years ago and it was one of the best serums I ever used. I still remember the night I applied this serum to my face followed by a moisturizer and the next morning my skin felt like a baby’s butt, seriously! This stuff improves skin’s overall texture and keeps skin looking younger and smoother. The reason I stopped using Estee Lauder’s serum is due to its long list of ingredients, but I may just go pick one up and see if it still has the same magic it once did.  Additionally, this product has won many beauty awards.  ~ $55 (1 oz.) @ Nordstrom

TELL ME: What is one product you CANNOT live without? 
What are some recommendations for MOISTURIZERS with SPF for women who are fighting the aging process in their 30s?
What are some recommendations for EYE CREAMS?
Share the love people, we can all use a little help here!


  1. I always use a cream or milky cleanser.. It's gentler on the skin, followed by jojoba oil. Put a small amount of oil on cotton ball and wipe over your takes off makeup, dirt and is great for the skin. (all natural too...u can even put in your hair) moisturiser is normally Olay .
    Moisturisers with SPF..I normally use sunscreen separately to moisturiser..neutrogena works well.

  2. Growing up I used to watch my mum too and her beauty regime in that she didn't have one! I used to wonder how does she manage to look flawless without makeup. I realised that she ate well and drank lots of water! She has passed her secrets to me which I am so grateful for!

    Other than that Vaseline Intensive care moisturiser in winter as it gets so cold here and in summer its Soap and Glory's Glow Job (i know great name!) but it adds a little shimmer which I love! For makeup its Clinique and MAC and lip care only by Vaseline with rose and alomond oil. Like you I have phases of makeup look too- from...Can't be bothered to Dress to Impress!

  3. My look most of the time is au naturale...gotta let the skin breathe! Loved reading about some of your essentials and am definitely going to check a few of them out, especially the Nars Bronzing Powder. I love that Bobbi Brown foundation and used it for a looong time! I took a break to try Dior's Forever foundation but still want to top up my Bobbi Brown stash!

  4. I love my Bobbi Brown foundation stick. I feel like the colors in that makeup line are well suited to our skin tone. Also, I just started using Aveeno's tinted moistuizer. The medium color actually works nicely on my skin. And all I do after putting it on is set it with some powder and bronzer. It doesn't give my skin the cakey look that foundation sometimes does. Have a great weekend, Nisha!!

  5. Nice products! I love the NARS bronzer, it is perfect.

  6. I love that Macs concealer and burts bees chapsticks. I have heard so much about Bobbi Browns products but havent tried once. I used to try a lot of things but now I am just stuck with Mac Products EVERYTHING! Moisturizer is one thing I cannot live without - Origins Oil-free moisture lotion with Saw Palmetto & Mint.

  7. Oooh I LOVE Macs my friend, you have good taste :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. I love make-up :) I tried a lot of eye creams - from the super expensive ones to the drugstore brands - and so far I really like Olay 7 effects eye cream.

  9. @Amelia - I have noticed some people use SPF separate and moisturizer separate, I wonder how is that any different than using them together, and if it is maybe more beneficial. Very interesting to know. Thanks for sharing!

  10. @Sejal - Yeah, I watched my mom get ready too, and I realize now she barely ever wore any makeup and definitely has good genes. I think great skin is definitely a combination of things, can't just be all external, beauty comes from the inside out.

  11. @Khushboo - I couldn't have said it better, gotta let the skin breathe. So important. I haven't tried Dior's foundation, but I'll pick it up next when the need arises.. thanks for letting me know. The Nars bronzer is the bomb! I love it.

  12. @Parita - good to know the Bobbi Brown Foundation stick works well too. Thank you! :-)

  13. @Natalie - love Nars too! Can't live without it.
    @Guru - Yes, MAC rules, until I met Bobbi Brown. And she's from Jersey! Woohoo! lol.

  14. @Dixya - thanks.. Mac products are wonderful, I especially love their eyeshadows. Never tried Origins, I'll have to look into that line. :)

  15. @Bianca - wow, you've tried everything, and you're still going with Olay, may have to give this one a shot. I own a Bobbi Brown Eye Cream, but I can't say it does much. Hard to tell.

  16. Nice post, Nisha. I like the variety on your blog.

    3. The MAC kohl I bought over 4 years ago is just not ready to end. I'm still using. I think one must throw cosmetics away after a certain period. But this one seems to have drank some elixir!?

    5. Burt Bee shimmer...I bought some Cherry and Strawberry one last year, I think. Both looked disgusting on my lips and face (can't blame it completely; it could be coz of my dark skin)..

    9. The only VS product I have is the lip gloss that has mirror on one side of the bottle and a button on the lid that switches on the light to be able to apply gloss better. Best thing I've ever seen!


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