De Santos | New York City (west village)

A restaurant publicist reached out to me inviting me to dinner at De Santos as part of a Press Review.  Without any hesitation, I accepted.

Housed in a historic brownstone that was once home to legendary New York rockers, writers, and artists such as Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Edward Albee, and Jean Michel Basquiat, De Santos showcases the creative dishes of Executive Chef Angel Vela, formerly at Pastis and Waverly InnDE_SANTOS_--_BAR_PHOTO
image courtesy De Santos

This hidden gem located in the quaint neighborhood of the West Village has so much character.

The ambience here would best be described as rustic and romantic.  As I walked in, it almost felt as though I was walking into someone's home.  The soft candle lighting illuminated the entire space giving the restaurant a romantic glow.

We were seated towards the back of the restaurant where the doors open into a seasonal picturesque garden for al fresco dining.

Here is what the garden patio looks like during the warmer months.DE_SANTOS_--_PATIO_&_GARDEN_PHOTO
image courtesy De Santos

139 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10014
(west village)

MENU: De Santos menu
COST: $$$
CUISINE: American (New)
RECOMMENDED TO: Bar Scene, Casual Dining, Couples, Groups, Romantic Dining.
AMBIENCE: rustic/romantic/vibrant

(due to less lighting and avoiding flash, my pictures are on the dim side... sorry)

I started off with a glass of Cabernet, a medium bodied wine with fruity tones.

Shortly after, a spread of appetizers were brought out, and although I don't eat "land" animals, I wanted to be open-minded and at the very least try a little bit of everything.  We started off with the Beef Carpaccio Potato Gnocchi and Truffle Cream…the beef was just okay for me since I don’t eat beef, however I really liked the potato gnocchi which was rich and creamy. DE_SANTOS_--_BEEF_CARPACCIO_PHOTO
image courtesy De Santos

Next were the Duck Tacos, and although I don't eat duck, these tacos were flavorsome.  In general, duck is more chewy than chicken from what I understand.

We also had a tasting of the incredible Truffle Macaroni & Cheese which I have already mentioned was one of the Best foods I ate in 2012.  The mac and cheese wasn't overly creamy, however the herbed breadcrumbs on top added crunch and so much depth to the dish.  Scrumptious!
image courtesy Lauren Loves To Eat

As my entree, I unsurprisingly opted for the Pan Roasted Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce and Greek Salad.  The salmon served over a bed of lettuce was simple and cooked to perfection, however the dish was a tad bit salty for my liking.  The Greek Salad with tomatoes and kalamata olives was wonderfully flavored with a creamy dill sauce.

My “new” friend ordered the Special of the Day - Grilled Sea Bass with Mushrooms and it was outstanding.  It was my first time trying sea bass, and personally I thought it tasted even better than my salmon.

Another entree that stood out were the Seared Scallops with Wild Mushroom Risotto.  Although I didn't try this dish, one of the reviewer's mentioned the scallops were perfection.

And last but not least, dessert time!  We started with the Chocolate Lava Cake which happens to be one of my favorite desserts, however the dark chocolate was on the bitter side and the hot lava was not exactly oozing out of this cake as expected.  The Molten Lava Cake was good, but I've tasted better.

Next were the Crepes filled with chocolate and paired with Dulce de Leche and Toasted Almond Ice Cream.  The crepes were light, tasty, and not too sweet.  Simple, elegant, and delicious.

And you know me, can't have dessert without tea/coffee, and so I finished off my meal with a cup of hot coffee that was medium bodied and very well made.

VERDICT: 4 / 5 
DE_SANTOS_--_EXTERIOR_PHOTODe Santos is a charming and cozy restaurant nestled in the West Village.  I look forward to dining here again, especially during brunch for their 2 hour unlimited cocktails.  In terms of food, the Truffle Macaroni and Cheese and Sea Bass were standouts, not to mention the Seared Scallops which was quite popular with another reviewer.

The service here is very good.  The waiters were cordial and accommodating as they came around and took our orders on their iPad, very very cool.  The vibe at this seemingly romantic restaurant changed after 8 pm to a space that was vibrant and full of energy.

Overall a fabulous meal and good service, I will definitely be back for brunch.

Food: Good  (Truffle Mac & Cheese, Sea Bass, Seared Scallops)
Drinks: Excellent
Decor: Excellent  (romantic & rustic) 
Service: Good  
Value: Excellent 

TELL ME: Have you been to De Santos?  What are your thoughts on this charming restaurant?


  1. no i haven't but i'd love to if just for the iconic history of the place! thanks for your enviable write-up!

  2. The duck tacos look so good! I miss eating in NYC, gotta plan a trip there again soon!

  3. Neer been to De Santos but I sure would love to! All 3 of the entrees look great and if anything, I would have trouble deciding which to order. Believe it or not, I actually don't love molten lava cakes like most people....if anything I find them a bit too rich! Although those crepes sound like the perfect end to a meal- no meal is complete without dessert right ;)!

  4. The salmon looks incredible. I am big sea food lover and that's what I would order.
    Planning a trip in the spring, will surely check this place out. Thanks Nisha.

  5. If a restaurant serves a good mac n' cheese, I'm always going back...always! So cool that you got invited to check this place out! Fancy :)

  6. I would like a serving size bowl of the truffle mac n' cheese please :)

  7. @Kale - you are so sweet.. I think most people would enjoy De Santos.

  8. @Natalie - it's a really fun city.. any time of day, any season.

  9. @Khushboo - that's right, no meal is complete without dessert. Molten Lava Cake can be tricky, it really has to be made well, can't be too rich, it has to be just right. When you visit NYC, we can visit all the places you want. :)

  10. @Asmita - that's exciting. I love salmon, and I'm really starting to enjoy seafood in general, didn't enjoy it much before.

  11. @Parita - Thanks. I know, it felt nice they actually considered me, and my thoughts. I loved their mac and cheese, seriously, one of the best comfort foods.

  12. @Lawyer - you and I both.. it's so good!!!


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