Friday's Favorites : Gift Guide (my Favorite Things of 2012!)

With less than 2 weeks to Christmas, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things of 2012, hey, you might get some ideas.  Click on the image to view additional details on the product, and scroll down further to view my thoughts.  Enjoy!

J Brand Stretch Denim Leggings (Starless Wash)Caramel Brulee Latte FY13cashmere long gloves NARS - Bronzing PowderChance Eau Tendre CHANCE EAU TENDREwhere's my chauffeur?bahama mama Dakota04_motreatment

1. J Brand Stretch Denim Leggings – After my cousin, Nandini, introduced me to J Brand jeans, I purchased a pair and now I totally see the difference between owning a regular pair of jeans versus owning a designer pair.  It’s all about the fit, the stretch, nothing hangs.  ~$180 @ Nordstrom 

2. Godiva Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa – Seriously, one of the BEST hot cocoas I’ve had at home which results in rich and creamy results provided you use at least 2% reduced fat milk.  ~$15 @ Godiva

3. Yankee Candle Pumpkin Pie – A nostalgic scent, and my favorite fragrance from Yankee Candle.  ~$20 @ Bed Bath & Beyond

4. Starbucks Gift Card – I’m in love with Starbucks this holiday season.  My favorite drinks… Raspberry Caffe Mocha, Eggnog Latte, and Pumpkin Spice Latte.  This gift is sure to please any coffee lover.  ~priceless

5. Vera Wang Classic Gift Set – One of my all time favorite perfumes… I especially love the body lotion and shower gel.  ~$95 @ Macys

6. Lucky Brand Tablita Booties – These are my booties this fall/winter season in black suede.  They go with EVERYTHING… jeans, dresses, leggings, or tights.  Love!  ~$80 (sale) @ Piperlime (black)

7. Le Creuset Cherry Signature Petite Cocotte – I saw this at Sur la Table and fell in love with this adorable cocotte.  I wanna make oatmeal in it, and mac and cheese, and souffl├ęs.  ~$20 @ Sur la Table

8. Studio Stretch Columnist Pants – Ladies - for sexy work pants, check out the black Columnist pants at Express, they are barely boot leg, fitted and so flattering.  They make you appear taller than you really are.  ~$42 (sale) @ Express (black)

9. Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion – Every year I try out 3 to 4 different moisturizers, and every year I keep coming back to Bobbi Brown’s Protective Face Lotion.  This particular lotion works best for me during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  It leaves my skin soft, smooth, and supple.  ~$50 @ Bobbi Brown

10. J.Crew Cashmere Long Gloves – The brand alone says it all, anything from J.Crew delivers high quality.  Loving these cashmere gloves.  ~$55 (sale) @ J.Crew

11. Nars Laguna Bronzer – I’m not too big on using makeup daily, but when I do use makeup, this is one product I swear by.  It gives my complexion a sun kissed glow.  ~$34 @ Sephora

12. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer – Since I barely use lipsticks and lip glosses, this is my go to lip product on days I don’t use Chapstick.  Love this in nutmeg, a reddish brown shimmer.  ~$1 (sale) @ Burt’s Bees (nutmeg)

13. iPhone 4S – Probably my most favorite thing of 2012… I simply CANNOT function without my iPhone.  It’s my little toy… I love it, I live it, I breathe it, not sure why it took me so long to finally switch over... thanks to my hubby for this one.  And FYI, I prefer the iPhone 4S to iPhone 5.  ~$200 (with a phone plan) @ Apple

14. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre – My friend, Marian, introduced me to this lovely fragrance by Chanel.  On a super hot day in NYC she sprayed herself with Chance Eau Tendre, and I couldn’t stop telling her how amazing she smells (ed?).  This fragrance has a slight citrusy scent, it’s light and fresh, not dominating, and romantic.  Love it!  ~$68 (1.7 ounce) @ Sephora

15. Essie Where’s My Chauffer – You gotta love the names of Essie nail polishes, although I’m not sure why their polishes run $8, I too am a victim of their marketing strategy... a wide selection of colors with every shade you could possibly imagine, it's like being lost in a candy store.  A gorgeous turquoise blue shade… where’s my chauffer?  ~$8 @

16. Essie Bahama Mama – This shade in purple is perfect for the holidays.  Burgundy and purple are so in this season, I couldn’t resist this stunning color when I saw it.  ~$8 @ Nordstrom

17. Original Long Sleeve Shirt – Told you burgundy and purple are in this season, and I loved this plum shirt at Express.  Great for work with those Columnist pants.  ~$30 (sale) @ Express (plum)

18. Ugg Womens Dakota – Truthfully, I purchased similar shoes from J.Crew for only $40, but unfortunately they are sold out at J.Crew, hence Uggs.  These Uggs are the next closest thing to the shoes I purchased, so comfy to wear around the house during the winter.  ~$100 @ Ugg Australia (chestnut)

19. Moroccan Oil Professional Series Hair Dryer – My hair, when straight, has NEVER been the same ever since I started using the Moroccan Oil blow dryer, believe it or not, a hair dryer makes a BIG difference on your hair texture after a blow dry, of course, technique matters too.  ~$164 @ Amazon

20. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment – And what good would a blow dry be without the hair treatment?  This stuff smells amazing.  A little bit goes a long way.  ~$40 @ Amazon

21. Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Jars – This year I’ve had a lot of fun making all sorts of nut butters, my favorite so far has been almond butter.  I purchased a few jars to safely put away my nut butters to prevent them from going bad.  Making homemade nut butter and packaging them in a Bormioli Rocco jar with a holiday tag would make a great gift for anyone… just a thought!  ~$3 to $6 @ Sur la Table

22. Leopard Infinity Scarf – I’m obsessed with all things leopard, well in this case, SCARVES!  Haha.  I have the infinity scarf in gray leopard, now I need this in brown leopard.  The material is super soft and it keeps me super warm.  ~$18 (sale) @ Express

TELL ME: What are some of your favorite things this year?


  1. Such a fun list! I used to work with denim and I can't recommend J Brand enough..the fit of their jeans is FABULOUS and another brand which I highly recommend is DL1961! I can't believe that the iPhone 4s is only 200 bucks now...I paid about 700 but then again, I just bought the phone (no price plan)....hefty price to pay but definitely money well spent!

  2. You are a woman of good taste, my friend! I love it!!! :)

  3. @Khushboo - YES, I have heard of DL1961, my cousin told me about them. The other really good brand is AG Jeans. I need to buy a pair of DL next. OMG, $700 for the iPhone? Couldn't you buy a fake plan in London and have them unlock the phone in India? Just talking out of my ass. :)

  4. those moccasins look so cozy! and i have wanted a dutch for forever! one day, one day... ;)

  5. That is it I am officially using this as my guide it rocks :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Oh my gosh, I love this list because of you I had my boyfriend buy chanel chance eau tendre and its the most amazing scent. Every time I wear that perfume , he can't keep his hands off of me. I just recently purchased the peppermint latte at starbucks and really enjoyed it, based on your post on starbucks. I have to try the pumpkin latte next. Jc

  7. Is it bad that I want it all? Especially the pumpkin pie yankee candle =)

  8. @Kale - Thanks, the moccasins are really cozy, I own the JCrew version and they are so comfy, Uggs will be even more than that. The dutch oven is really tiny, and $20. :)

  9. @Guru - hahaha... definitely get the Uggs girl being an Aussie and all. :)

  10. @JC - thanks.. I'm so glad you took my advice and are enjoying Chanel's Chance. The Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks is pretty good. Thanks!

  11. @Georgia - Thanks. :)
    @Squishy - The Pumpkin Pie candle smells so good!!!

  12. I just upgraded to the iPhone 5. I am not in love with it but I will say that it's WAY faster than my 4!

    I must try the J Brand jeans...

  13. The Morroccan Hair Treatment Oil is amazing stuff! So true, a little does go a long long way. This is such a great list, really good ideas, thanks!

  14. @Ameena - I believe it is faster. I think the length of the phone is a bit off, it doesn't fit perfectly in my tiny hand.

  15. @Sarah - The Treatment Oil is amazing, but I think the blow dryer is even better... the results are unbelievable smooth. Glad you liked the list... hope you're back to blogging. :)


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