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During my very first visit to London back in 2008, I was sitting in a cafe with friends and putting on my fabulous (or some might say fake) English accent while I placed an order.  The waiter saw right through me and in a joking manner spoke back to me in his fake American accent.  I played dumb and insisted that I was from the UK, but clearly he knew that I was from the US.  Was it really that obvious?  Once I shared with him my whereabouts, he asked me what I thought of London in comparison to New York City.  My response was, “London's a charming city, New York's more modern and fast paced.”  He then used an analogy I will never forget…
If London is the wife, New York is the mistress. 
Well then, that sums it up!

For obvious reasons, I am partial towards New York City, but London isn’t far behind on my list being my second favorite city in the world.  A charming city so culturally rich and famous for their Royal Family, palaces, landmarks, proper British etiquette, English teas & scones.  On my recent trip to London, I found this delightful city to be extremely clean, and not terribly crowded in comparison to New York City.  The Underground (Tube) experience in London is far better, cleaner, and more prompt, than Manhattan’s dreaded Subway.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit London, make sure you experience Afternoon Tea at a fancy establishment, indulge in greasy fish & chips, enjoy a cruise on the Thames River, take a leisurely stroll on Oxford Street, and visit the famous Buckingham Palace.  Undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in the world, London is one intriguing city that should be on everyone’s bucket list.    

RECOMMENDED STAY at least 4 nights

IMG_8832 London’s legendary Red Telephone Booth

IMG_8818 shopping in and around the famous Oxford Circus

IMG_8682 hanging out in Piccadilly Circus at day

IMG_8716 the crowded Leicester Square at night; that Burger King is a famous landmark :-)

IMG_8657 Trafalgar Square on our “one and only” cloudy day… yeah!

IMG_8784 lots of bars and cafes in the exciting neighborhood of Soho

IMG_9114 window shopping on the world famous “Bond Street”

IMG_8866 crossing the Hungerford and Golden Jubilee Bridges over the Thames River

IMG_8887 Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at the Embankment

IMG_8870 London Eye at the Embankment at night

IMG_9000 London Eye during daylight        

IMG_8950 the London Duck Tour – a bus that turns into a boat and drives into the Thames… CRAZY!   My husband was so annoyed I dragged him on this.  LOL!

IMG_8649 the famous London public bus

IMG_8717 fun strolling thru Leicester Square and seeing all its magical colors at night

IMG_9227an adorable area of cafes and restaurants in Shepherd Market, Mayfair

IMG_8767 Trafalgar Square fountains

IMG_8960 Big Ben at day

TELL ME: Have you been to London?  What are some of your favorite attractions?


  1. Ah I love & hate this post, Nisha! Love it because it's filled with such lovely pics and proof that you had a wonderful stay. I hate it because it's making me miss the city all the more, especially as all those are my local hang-outs :)!

    Love the waiter's metaphor about New York v London. As hectic as London can be, it doesn't even have half the buzz as New York City!

  2. The last time I went to London was when I was 11. I want to go again with Vishnu and sight see. Looks like it was a blast!

  3. @Khushboo - awww.. don't be sad. Given the proximity with India and the UK, you can always visit more frequently. Aww.. sorry I made you miss London, I miss London too. Haha, didn't you love that metaphor? I agree, NYC is just something else. :)

  4. @Parita - You should definitely make a trip out with Vishnu when his exam schedule lightens up. And you can easily make a 5 night trip there since it is a 7 hour flight. :)

  5. Good one! I was in London for 3 years and yes I agree with you... New york rocks! Not that I dont like London, I do, but prefer NYC more...

  6. I used to live North London, a little place called St Albans' that I really want to visit this summer since my sister moved back there. I am really excited to show my kids :-) and your pictures make me want to go even more.....

  7. ahhh I live through your eyes!! How wonderful and exciting =)

    btw, I tried to find you on you have a like page? Find me, and I'll follow it to find you =)

    I'm also following you on Twitter!!

  8. @Deepti - haha.. yes NYC is pretty awesome. London is nice too. :)

  9. @eatgood4life - wow, you lived in London? So awesome. You should definitely go back and visit with the kids, it'll be wonderful to relive all of that.

  10. @Squishy - your comment made my day! That is so sweet of you to say, now wait till you see the food pictures. I live through my own pictures. :) I will find you on FB, I do have a FB page.

  11. I visited London way back in 1999. It was the most awesome holidays ever! I really need to visit it back with my family! Lovely photos and enjoyed reading this post.

  12. I've been in London a long while ago ! ! I wish I could be there…. In the meantime, I am just pinning the pictures …


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