Hurricane Sandy & Friday’s Favorite Things - 11.2.12

What started off as a hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm that caused havoc in the Northeastern region of the United States.  Quite frankly, I was surprised a storm of this caliber was even downgraded given the catastrophe left behind, particularly in Queens, Hoboken, the Jersey Shore, and Lower Manhattan.  And speaking of Manhattan, it will take some time before that familiar chaos returns once again to the city I love.

In comparison to what many people experienced, and are still experiencing, a loss of a loved one, burned homes, flooded homes, the loss of personal belonging, in addition to loss of power, electricity, and phones, my experience with Sandy was minimal.  It is during trying times like this that make you realize how much we take for granted living in a highly materialistic driven society… everything from running hot water to electricity to cell phone service to the availability of public transportation, but in reality not even the most basic luxuries stand a chance when Mother Nature takes her course.  At the end of the day when there is nothing but devastation that surrounds you, one will quickly come to the realization of how truly valuable the most basic things in life are, I certainly did.

To all the victims of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  With time and effort the chaos that stands before us will eventually subside.  And remember, things almost always get better with time and resilience.  To help victims of Hurricane Sandy, you can donate to the American Red Cross or HELP in any way you can.
photo 4
Lower Manhattan before the storm

And now on a lighter note, here are Friday’s Favorite Things...

1. Cafe au Lait & Macarons @ La Maison du Macaron 
On a pretty autumn day, my husband and I met up at a cozy little French bakery in Chelsea, La Maison du Macaron.  The cafe au lait was delicious with steamed milk.  As for the macarons, I indulged in a Caramel Fleur de Sel macaron which had hints of sweet and salty flavors and was beyond delicious, whereas my husband enjoyed a Nutella macaron which we both found to be quite boring and blah.  Loved the presentation on this silver tray... oh so French.  It's the little things.  :-)  ~ $10 @ La Maison du Macaron, Chelsea, New York Cityphoto 3 (2)
2. Pumpkin Spice Latte @ Starbucks
My husband enlightened me that Starbucks opened up 3 new cafes in Mumbai, India.  Although I don’t live in India, I have to admit I was super excited for the Starbucks phenomena to finally hit India and rumor has it they will be expanding all over the country.  Surely, the next time I visit India, I will be heading to Starbucks to try out a Cardamom Croissant, or Chicken Tikka Panini, although I believe they need to add a few non-Indian food items to the menu and give the locals a more authentic feel of the western Starbucks.  In any case, to celebrate I enjoyed the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks this Fall.  It was perfect with all those autumnal flavors of the season… cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and of course, pumpkin.  You bet I’ll be drinking a lot more of this latte before the Fall season is officially up.  Here is a tall with skim milk and very little whipped cream.  Delicious!  ~ $4 @ Starbucksphoto 3 (1)
3. English Vinglish
Speaking of India, I finally had the chance to watch English Vinglish starring Sridevi.  My blogger buddy's, Khushboo, mere mention of this movie on her blog implied English Vinglish had to be really good considering the fact that Khushboo isn’t too big on watching Indian movies.  And so, this past weekend I watched English Vinglish, and yes indeed, it was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!  Essentially, this movie is about an insecure housewife who takes a class attempting to learn English in just 4 weeks.  Oh after all the crap that’s been going on in life lately, it was nice to finally sit down and have a great laugh.  Thank you, Khushboo!  I will most certainly be taking Indian movie recommendations from you in the future.  ~ priceless
File:English Vinglish poster.jpg

NEXT WEEK - All my overdue LONDON posts are coming, PROMISE!!!

TELL ME: Were you impacted by Hurricane Sandy?  If so, how bad was it?


  1. Again, SO glad you are safe Nisha! So devastating to hear how affected the East Coast has been after Sandy.

    As for your favorites- thanks so much for the shout out, my friend! Glad to hear you enjoyed English Vinglish- I found it so uplifting and I wanted all my non-English staff speaking to watch it...just so they realise that no matter how old they are, the can STILL learn English!

    I've never tried pumpkin spice lattes but luckily they are bringing it to Mumbai after Diwali...I will have to go by your recommendation and order it :)!

  2. Hi Nisha,
    I missed watching English Vinglish in the theatre. I was all set to go with my friends but one by one, everyone in the family is getting sick. I heard it's an amazing film and Sridevi is one of my favorite actresses.
    Will have to wait till they release it on a dvd.

  3. Glad you made it through the storm safely! and that caramel fleur de sel macaron looks and sounds so delicious! :)

  4. So scary...I can't imagine how different the city must be right now. I'm glad that you weren't affected too much!

    The silver tray is gorgeous. It really is the little things.

  5. I've never had a PSL! I'm more of a mocha fan :)

    And I need to watch English Vinglish. I made Vishnu watch the trailer with me. He was like "this is just another Bollywood movie" and I said "NOOOO! We have to see this!" Hopefully soon!

    Glad to hear you were ok this past week. Have a good weekend!

  6. We are too far south to have been affected by Sandy, but have relatives in New Jersey/ New York who were without power for awhile. Good to hear you were ok. I'm going to have to watch that movie. I could use a good laugh.

  7. Our prayers do go out to all those affected by Sandy, though I happy you are ok my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. @Khushboo - interesting.. they are bringing PSLatte to Mumbai after Diwali. It will be discontinued here after November, I believe. So cute that you are getting your non-English staff members to watch it, very encouraging. Loved the movie. Thanks.

  9. @Asmita - yeah.. it's a good movie, not sure if it's worth watching it in the theater though. It'll be out soon. :)

  10. @Jen - thanks.. the caramel macaron was indeed delicious.

  11. @Ameena - will be going to NYC today.. yikes! I'm nervous, although Midtown is not impacted, I'm sure it will feel and look a bit different. Hopefully things will return to normal sooner than later. :)

  12. @Parita - yeah, you should watch it.. it's so funny! If you love mocha, you will love the SCM - Salted Mocha Caramel. :)

  13. @Christin - it's funny. Glad to hear your friends/family in the area are OK.

  14. @Guru - Thanks!!! I'm sure you are enjoying the summers in Aussie.

  15. Wow, we made it out ok. I see that you did too. Great has been quite a disaster and I don't think NY or NJ was ready for this. I hope it does not happen again. Glad to know you are ok.


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