Brunch @ Cornelia Street Café | New York City (west village)

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my husband and I met friends (Vik & Amy) of ours for brunch in my most favorite Manhattan district - West Village.

Cornelia Street Cafe is a restaurant that has been on my "places to dine" list for quite some time now.  I was so excited for Brunch!
  cornelia street cafe 033

We were seated after a 20 minute wait.  I loved the artwork all over this charming restaurant. 

29 Cornelia Street
New York, NY 10014
(West Village)

MENU: Cornelia Street Café Menu
COST: $$
CUISINE: American / Breakfast & Brunch
RECOMMENDED TO: Casual Dining, Couples, Groups, Kid Friendly (Brunch time).
AMBIENCE: Cozy/Charming/Warm

I was excited about the Price Fixe Brunch which consisted of each of the following:
1 entree
1 baked carb
1 juice/cocktail
Unlimited coffee/tea
All for just $20!
Three of us started with a cup of Coffee which was nice and hot, medium-bodied, and very tasty.  I truly enjoyed a solid cup of coffee after a long time.

My friend, Vik, ordered Green Tea... I like tea presented in a tea kettle as opposed to a cup of hot water.
As our carb, three of us ordered a Croissant which was delicious, but it would have been nice if they warmed it up, there is just something so homey about having a warm croissant and a cup of joe.
My husband went for the Chocolate Bread which is really no different than a chocolate croissant.  The chocolate croissant was delicious, but personally I prefer the plain croissants over the chocolate ones.  We chitchatted with one another while we snacked on croissants and coffee.
Before our meal arrived, each one of us ordered cocktails.  Most of us went for the Mimosa which is a mix of orange juice and champagne.  I wasn't too crazy about this drink since I found it rather bitter.  I’ve tasted sweeter Mimosas in the past so I’d say this was one was below average.
I went for the Greyhound which was a blend of vodka and grapefruit juice.  This drink was extremely bitter, understandably so, I wasn’t too impressed, but the drink sure looks pretty.  In a way, it's a good thing I didn't start off my day with alcohol.
As for my meal, I went for the Eggs Florentine which are poached eggs with sautéed spinach on an English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce.  This dish was so buttery, and the hollandaise sauce was creamy, lemony, and so delicious.  There was also a side of Roasted Garlic Rosemary Potatoes which was good, but nothing to write home about (or on this blog).  Off to the side were 2 lonely tomatoes, not sure what that was all about, kinda pointless in my opinion.
Eggs Florentine ~ DELICIOUSNESS!  Just look at the yolk oozing out… PERFECTION!  One of the best egg dishes I’ve ever had.
My friend, Vik, went for the same dish as I, only with smoked salmon at an extra cost.  Eggs Florentine w/Smoked Salmon.
My friend, Amy, went for the Eggs Benedict which are poached eggs with country baked ham on an English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce.  Instead of ham, Amy substituted her meat for smoked salmon.  She said her dish was excellent.
My husband went for a slightly different dish than the 3 of us - the Omelette of the Day which consisted of eggplant, red peppers, marinated onions, and cheese.  His omelette was so flavorful that I ended up eating a couple bites.  The eggplant really stood out – a great combination to try at home.
p.s. I don't know what is up with those 2 lonely tomatoes - they were on every single dish!

VERDICT: 4 / 5
Cornelia Street Cafe is an inviting brunch spot in Manhattan, and I'd definitely drop by again for their excellent
coffee and fantastic food at a reasonable cost.  Speaking of cost, the price fixe brunch menu at $20 is a great value, but unfortunately the cocktails were underwhelming both for my party and I.  In addition to the cocktails, their service lacks the warmth this cozy restaurant exudes - it wouldn't hurt being greeted with a SMILE.  Having said that, our waitress did come by 3 times for coffee refills.   

Considering the plethora of brunch restaurants in New York City, Cornelia Street Cafe needs to step it up
with their bitter cocktails and slightly bitter service!  Despite the negatives though, their ambience, food, and coffee alone are reason enough to dine here, at the very least, one time.  For next time, I already have my eye on the Huevos Rancheros – YUM!

Food: Excellent 
Drinks: Average  (coffee – excellent; cocktails – bitter) 
Decor: Good  (warm/charming/cozy) 
Service: Average  (unfriendly) 
Value: Excellent

TELL ME: Do you enjoy cocktails or a hot cup of Joe with brunch?  What’s your favorite brunch item that you must have?


  1. Wow am loving all that yolk action! Love going out to brunch- something about having eggs cooked for you makes them taste that much better!! The last 2 times I went for brunch, I went with an iced coffee...although I can't say I would say no to a glass of mimosa or 2 ;)! Have a great Wednesday, Nisha!

  2. I so want to visit NYC sometime soon. The food sounds amazing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Brunch is easily my favorite meal. I really do think weekends were made for it! :) Give me some coffee, an omelet, buttered toast and hashbrowns and I'm a happy girl!

  4. The $20 menu sounds like an amazing deal...even though the drinks weren't up to par. IT's hard to eat breakfast in NYC for under $20!

    Good recommendation...I'm taking notes for my next trip. :)

  5. What a cute little restaurant! That eggs benedict with the cocktail... drool! Lovely selections they have.

  6. I love brunch! The eggs florentine look especially tasty.

  7. oh I didn't realize that you are in NY, I am in Jersey City just across the river, and since my husband works in NY we dine a lot in the city, this is a very nice restaurant we both love west village!

  8. Ha-2 pointless lonely tomatoes- I think that is the chefs favorite garnish for every dish, perhaps a trademark! After your last post I am now wondering which of these you will create at home. Both dishes look pretty tasty. I also like the cozy atmosphere of this place as well. Thanks for sharing your dining experience and remember do not forget those 2 slices of tomatoes the next time you serve a meal!

  9. I love brunch! I treat myself to mimosas when I'm out, but usually brunch consists of a hearty egg dish :)

  10. Your eggs look SUPER yummy!
    xo Josie

  11. @Khushboo - thanks girl. I know, I wouldn't pass on Mimosas either, even if they suck, but I do prefer hot drinks for breakfast.. wakes me up. Hope you are enjoying Singapore.

  12. @Bonnie - NYC is amazing, the food, the nightlife, the culture aspect, the SHOPPING, you'll have lots of fun!

  13. @Parita - me too, I really love brunch, I'm trying to make it part of my life, it's nice to enjoy the little things.

  14. @Ameena - the deal was quite amazing.. they have lots of places in NYC with boozy brunch at a reasonable cost, but this deal was good and the food was even better. Stay in downtown next time, there are very nice hotels in downtown too. :)

  15. @Georgia @Pam - thanks, the eggs were especially delicious! Love brunch too.

  16. @Catalina - I'll be contacting you.. I live in JC too. My husband and I both work in NYC so we usually dine there as well. :)

  17. @Tina - LOL! you're probably right, the 2 lonely tomatoes may be a trademark. Haha.. you know me too well.. I'll most likely try recreating the Eggs Florentine since I don't eat ham/smoked salmon. :)

  18. @Bianca @Josie - thanks! I love eggs at certain places for brunch, but typically I go for the French Toast. :)

  19. Hi, I have nominated you for the following blog awards: Sunshine, Keativ Blogger and Versatile Blogger!! Stop by and check the rules!

  20. Will definitely visit this place if I go to NYC again. Thanks for your recommendation.

  21. What a fulfilling and a filling virtual tour...Love your pictures! =)

  22. I love new york city. Every spring and summer i visit family there. All we do is shop and eat. Will try this place out next time i am there. The food looks phenomenal.
    One of my favorite places to eat is balthazars in soho. Love it! And then a trip to sur la tabla. What fun.

  23. @Asmita - I love it too, and all I do here is shop and eat. I have heard very good things about Balthazar, I've yet to try it. Perhaps this summer! Thanks for the recommendation! Sur La Table is so much fun, I just went there and bought a bunch of props. :)

  24. Uncovered your article extremely fascinating certainly. I truly really enjoyed studying it and you simply make very some excellent details. I will bookmark this web site with the long run! Relly great report.

  25. Ah, I'm planning a trip to NYC in the near future and would love to check this place out. I like the idea of a predictable price for brunch, hahah. Eggs benedict is one of my favorite breakfast dishes, and this one looks absolutely amazing! Sad to hear about the mimosas, though, as it's generally such a nice cocktail.

    catherine of see creatures

  26. good restaurant,
    I also like the Chocolate Bread :)

  27. @mandalahi - it is a good restaurant, I'll have to give the Chocolate Bread a try next time. THanks for letting me know. :)


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