Friday’s Favorite Things - 1.27.11

Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

1. Lucia Individual Bowl @ Crate & Barrel
This beautiful bowl reminds me of the Mediterranean being that it has hand painted black olives and green leaves.  I purchased this lovely bowl from Crate & Barrel which would be ideal for hummus, or really any kind of dip.  I'm thinking about getting different size platters of the same design, they're just too pretty to pass up. ~ $15 @ Crate & Barrel


2. Spectrum - Chia Seeds @ Whole Foods

I first learned about Chia Seeds from the popular health blog - Tina of Carrots n Cake.  In the past I've used flaxseeds which provide similar benefits as chia seeds, however flaxseeds need to be grinded, whereas chia seeds do not.  From the land of Mexico, chia seeds is an excellent source of Antioxidants, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Fiber.  I sprinkle chia seeds over oatmeal, Greek yogurt, toast w/peanut butter, and sometimes over dinner.  I even incorporate them into my homemade healthy baked goods - muffins, cookies, brownies, & pancakes.  The taste is neutral.  Just make sure you follow the directions and don't overdo it.  ~ $8 @ Whole Foods or ~ $6 @ Amazonchips 017chips 003

3. Dizzy Cocktail Glass @ Crate & Barrel

It's no secret that I loveeeeee martinis, margaritas, and mojitos.  It's always fun to make them at home and come up with new concoctions, but it's even more fun to drink them out of a pretty cocktail glass - it makes me feel special.  Very affordable for just  ~ $2.50 each @ Crate & Barrel

TELL ME: Share some of your favorites of this past week!

Also, I seriously need hot & comfortable booties.  Can you please recommend ankle booties that are 2 to 2.75 inches in height that look good and great for walking.  Please provide links!  :-)


  1. Chia seeds are wonderful! I love the little crunch that they add to most any dish.

    And happy birthday to your sis-in-law!!! :)

  2. Great finds, but I will have to say that the last one does look pretty cool. If my house was not so small I would probably have so much more glassware. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. How stunning is that bowl? Wow. I think I need it!
    Happy Friday :)

  4. aw this bowl is such a great find!! i love it!! always a problem to store all my glassware though!!

    love K

  5. I haven't been shopping in ages (or so it seems). So I have nothing to contribute here except that I really need to try chia seeds. I just need to get past their odd name!

    Have a fantastic weekend my friend!

  6. I love chia seeds! Ever since i started adding them to my oatmeal, i am yet to make a bowl really adds a wonderful creamy texture!

  7. I would love to try chia seeds sometime! I've been looking for them all over here in Germany and cant seem to find them :( I guess I'll order them online.. :)

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  8. I never heard of eating chia seeds before. I definitely need to check that out.
    And that bowl is awesome.
    If you make me hummus, I will eat it...out of that bowl.

  9. @Shannon - Yeah, I would order them from Amazon - probably your best rate. I bought mine at Whole Foods or you can try any health food store in Germany.

  10. @Kimberly - if I make hummus, I'll eat it out of that bowl too, I hope to make it real soon. Regarding chia seeds, check out Whole Foods, you should find them there.

  11. @Ameena - yes, the name "chia" reminds me of that commercial - ch ch ch chia. Remember? Odd name.

  12. @Parita, @Khushboo - yeah, I add chia seeds to every bowl of oatmeal, sometimes even lentils. I love the benefits. :-)

  13. @Tina, @K, @DessertForTwo - I just happened to find that bowl while browsing through Crate and Barrel's website, it is so pretty. I'm going to order the larger version real soon. I just stack my glasses one on top of the other, I lack living space too. :(

  14. Oooh love chia seeds...good benefits for sure. :)


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