A Refreshing Blueberry Smoothie (Non-Dairy)

Stay young and healthy... drink smoothies! :-)

Have you ever danced Zumba?  Today, I did!  Zumba is a form of Latin dancing that makes exercise fun.  Today I decided to attend the Zumba class at my gym.  It was a 45 minute workout that really kicked my a**!  I was so sweaty and thirsty after the workout. 

Zumba was so fun, I just wish I had a friend to go with.  I admit I was a bit nervous to start dancing in front of strangers, but I eventually got over it.  For those of you who know me know that I only dance when I'm tipsy or drunk, so it took a whole lot of courage for me to dance in front of 20 girls.  I'm finally conquering my fears, better late than never I suppose.  Zumba is definitely not easy!  As much as I love Latin dancing and believe that I should have been born Latin, I was totally thrown off by Zumba.  You need a lot of skill, spunk, and attitude to dance Zumba, so I still have a way to go.  I won't give up though and plan on taking the same class again next week. 

I came home and gulped 3 glasses of water.  Half an hour later I made myself a Blueberry Smoothie for lunch, and it was just what my body needed after a good workout... a delicious and healthy smoothie loaded with antioxidants.  I couldn't have felt better about myself.  :-)  And then back to work!

NUTRITION: Blueberries are a very good source of Vitamin C and Fiber.  They are a good source of Vitamin E. In addition, blueberries are an ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE.

  • Ice Cubes - 2
  • Water - 1/4 cup
  • Fresh Blueberries - 1 cup
  • Agave - 1 tbsp (if you don't have Agave, use Honey/Sugar)

1. Add ice cubes to the Magic Bullet / Blender.

2. Add water.

3. Add blueberries.

4. Add agave.

5. Blend, baby blend!

6. Pour and serve!


  1. love it! I hope you will submit this (and more) to http://www.FindingVegan.com


  2. Yum Yum Yum!! Due to lack of ingredients though, I used double the cantoluope (no honeydew). Still great though!! Will make again!

  3. I felt so guilty drinking this until I remember that I didn't have to! It is a wonderful refreshing drink and it was very filling as well. The only thing I did different was use flax seed oil instead of the meal because that is what I had on hand. Great way to get the flax in to my son. Can't wait to try it with other berries.

  4. I just love this recipe. Thanks for the recipe. I will try this out.

  5. Sounds Delicious! I'd love to try this. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Wow, Thanks for the recipe. I will try this out.


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