Who needs Starbucks, when you can have... Mocha Hot Chocolate (REDUCED FAT)

Mocha Hot Chocolate

Mocha Hot Chocolate

Do you know where I had the best, most amazing liquid Hot Chocolate?  Guess!  You are probably thinking New York, nope, it was in London, at Paul, Oxford Circus... Regent Street to be exact.  My childhood buddy, Manish, who is a local there insisted I try this divine Hot Chocolate.  I was totally expecting frothy milk with some hot cocoa... sooooo not the case.  For £3.50 British Pounds (or $5), I was getting to experience heaven on earth, not a bad deal.  This drink was so rich, thick, creamy, and shiny dark brown.  It was as though I was drinking liquid hot chocolate.  I.JUST.COULDN'T.GET.ENOUGH!  Paul is actually a French Bakery that originated in Northern France back in 1889. 

On a recent trip to Miami Beach I spotted a Paul Patisserie on Lincoln Road, I was in utter shock!  I was so excited and with total confidence I went up to the register, ordered myself a Hot Chocolate... only to expect, Frothy Milky Hot Chocolate!  You can imagine my dissapointment.  This was not even close to what I had experienced in London.  I'm not sure why the difference in taste, perhaps because most Americans like their Hot Chocolate sweeter and milky, I don't know.  I just hope they open up a Paul Patisserie in New York City and bring that London Hot Chocolate flavor of pure richness.

One afternoon while working from home, I was reminiscing about my London trip, such a beautiful and charming city... cobblestone streets, the cafes, the stores, all so clean, so proper, so British :-) This instantly put me in the mood for a Paul Hot Chocolate.  So I attempted to make some, using milk, not half & half... that is how this Mocha Hot Chocolate is somewhat reduced fat.  I had to use real chocolate though, the cocoa powder would just not work to achieve the consistency I was craving. 

I used my brain and came up with this recipe... I felt as though I was on Regent Street again, hanging with Manish... along with my other 2 buddies, Anu and Marian :-)

NUTRTION: Hmmm... well, Milk is an excellent source of Calcium and Protein.  The Bittersweet Chocolate Chips used are high in antioxidants.  Plus, I didn't add any sugar to this recipe.

INGREDIENTS: (serves 1)

1. Here is what you need.

2. Heat a pot on medium heat (dial #5).  Add milk.

3. Once it heats up, about 3 minutes, add the chocolate chips.

4. Start whisking, the heat from the milk will melt the chocolate.

5. Once the milk turns brown, add espresso.

6. Add vanilla extract.

7. And... whisk some more until the milk forms bubbles, thickens, and begins to steam. 

8. Turn off the gas and pour into a cup.

9. Add a cinnamon stick for garnish. This is pretty close to the real thing. See, I didn't even have to fly across the Atlantic! :-)  ENJOY!


  1. Oh wow that looks good! I know what I'm having to drink before I go to bed tonight. I'll probably un-reduce the fat and add some whipped cream on top though. I would never have believed that just 3 tbs of chocolate could make such thick hot chocolate.

    And thanks for the tip about Paul, I live in London so I'll have to check out their hot chocolate as soon as I can.

  2. Catherine... you are sooooooo lucky to live in London and have access to that Hot Chocolate. It is soooo damn good. It is a chain!

    Yeah, whipped cream is good too... i just thought the drink was so rich, I could barely even finish it. Enjoy!

  3. This looks so good!
    could you use nestle semisweet chocolate chips?

  4. Hi Sonia...
    Sure, you can use Nestle Semisweet choco chips... it may be a tad bit sweeter, but that would definitely work. Don't add any sugar though :-)

  5. looks soooo thick and delicious - LOVE cinnamon+chocolate anything! :)

  6. Just in case you make it to Brussels anytime soon...there is an amazing PAUL's in walking distance of the EU building. I imagine it is more along the lines of the one you found in London. Thank you for the post!

  7. Hi there ngs
    Londoner here and I am a regular Paul hot chocolate drinker - the best I have ever had and continue to have it regularly. They sell the hot chocolate in cartons so next time you are in London or having a visitor form London/Europe (as they are all over Europe too) get them to bring you a carton or two.

  8. I just made this and it is ahhhhmazinggggggg i loved it i am never using swissmiss again


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