Friday's Favorites : Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s!  It’s my new section under the Friday’s Series since I’m at Trader Joe’s on an average of once a week, I figured, why not?  Unsurprisingly, just like everyone out there, I love Trader Joe’s, I could spend hours there, and whenever I visit I’m most excited about sampling their newest product, not to mention their free coffee.  Trader Joe’s has gone pumpkin crazy, and there are still so many pumpkin products at TJ's that I would like to try before the season is up, such as, Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, and Pumpkin Spice Coffee.  Here are some Trader Joe’s “pumpkin” products I've tried out lately… buy them while they last. Enjoy!trader joes pumpkin

Friday's Favorites : Beauty

I'm not big on using makeup daily, but for me eyeliner and gloss are a must, a little bit goes a long way and really brings out one's features. Prior to my niece, Jasmin, leaving for college, we made a quick trip to Sephora where she introduced me to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, one sells every 13 seconds, I know right! The Urban Decay eyeliner glides on smooth and effortlessly, and now I want one in every color. Click "Read More" below. Enjoy!
Beauty Friday

Friday's Favorites : Fashion

It's been a while since I last posted my Friday's Favorites and I promise to be more regular with posting on Fridays at least. These past few months I've become obsessed with shopping at Lulus, online shopping of course. My love for Lulus has grown tremendously and I've even gotten 3 of my girlfriends hooked. Classy & sexy styles at affordable prices. To share with you are some of my favorite fashion items this Fall. ... I'm seeing lots and lots of lace.  Click "Read More" below. Enjoy!

Fashion Friday - 10.10.14

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