Friday’s Favorites : Beauty

Lately I’ve been obsessed with eye makeup thanks to my nieces and sister, Mini, for getting me into them.  During my downtime, I'm so consumed with watching online makeup tutorials, especially Arshia @ Happy Treasures.  I still need to master the smoky eye look without making a huge mess.  Here are some of my favorite eye makeup products from the past couple months.  My absolute favorite product in the set below is the NARS Under Eye Concealer.  This stuff is a cult favorite and trust me when I say it covers up those dark eye circles exceptionally well.

Beauty Eyes

Friday’s Favorites : fashion

This past week I finally saw Fifty Shades of Grey, I must be the only woman in America who hadn't seen it yet.  I saw the movie with my bestie, Jhiane, and her nonstop commentary on every explicit scene made the movie more enjoyable and amusing at the same time.  Although the movie got pretty bad reviews, I personally did enjoy the movie, but then again I didn't read the book.  For those of you who have seen the movie, I’d love to know what you thought.

Anyhow, today marks the first day of Spring and we are also expecting up to 6 inches of snow in the New York metro region.  CRAZY, right?  But that’s not gonna stop me from posting my Spring Favorites.  This season there is a lot of floral, lace, and tribal print.  And if you're looking for inexpensive Spring items, currently Forever 21 has a lot of cute stuff.  Enjoy!
Spring Favorites

Friday’s Favorites : Trader Joe’s

Starting up my Friday's Favorites once again.  As you are already aware that I visit Trader Joe's once a week.  It's my happy place!  Each time I visit TJ’s, I'm so tempted to try out new products, but I have to hold myself back for 2 reasons - the health factor and the waste factor.  I hate throwing food away so I allow myself one new product every week or two.  To share with you are some products I recently tried. 

1. Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Cashew Butter
It's creamy, slightly salty, cashew nutty, and scrumptious!  One serving (2 tablespoons) will get you 4 grams of protein, sure it’s less protein than peanut butter, but it is outrageously delicious and so addictive.  The big negative is this nut butter comes in at $8 a jar, but it's so worth it!  Trust me! Love.trader joe's creamy salted cashew butter

Roman Nose | Downtown Jersey City (harsimus cove)

It's about time that I start exploring Downtown Jersey City a bit more.
2015-02-04 20.46.13Screen-Shot-2012-09-29-at-12.11.33-AM-218x300

15 Best Things I ate in 2014

I didn't travel at all in 2014.  Given my love for travel, I’m quite surprised at myself that I didn’t venture out.  Regardless, I was still fortunate enough to enjoy some incredibly delicious meals right here in Manhattan.  Aside from Manhattan though, in 2014 I discovered Brooklyn where you will find the yuppies, the hipsters, and the wannabes.  With its proximity to Manhattan and amazing restaurants, Brooklyn is the next Manhattan and offers more of a neighborhood, community feel at a slightly slower pace.  So without further ado, here are the 15 Best Things I Ate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Downtown Jersey City, NJ!  Better to share this late than never… be patient with me, making my way back.  :-)15 best things I ate
photo credits: most photos are my own, however some are taken from Yelp, Instagram, or directly from the restaurant's website.

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